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  1. dankhimself

    Who stocks lifts?

    I'm in kind of a bind, i need to get the front of my truck higher for a trip out to PA next weekend, I want to go 6 inches, I want to order tomorrow, but i can only spare a little over a grand Duff wont let me buy individual parts, summit and jegs wont ship until lext week sometime(i...
  2. dankhimself

    New here, getting ready to build my truck

    Hey guys, my name is Dan, I'm a motorcycle tech from northern NJ, and im getting ready to build my 97 ranger. its a 4x4 4.0 ext cab. Just wanted to pop in and put up a post to get to know who's here. I'm on all the bike/atv forums but this is the first one for trucks, im pretty familiar with...

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