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  1. Jbrown1238

    306 V8 Ranger, valve train noise identified

    Found the Problem that was causing a little valve train noise. Wait until you see this! Turned out to be a little bit of excessive cam wear. Apparently the cam is the week link in this build. The metal properties of the Comp Cam limits the maximum mileage to about 150,000 miles with .512 lift...
  2. Jbrown1238

    New valve springs and lifters on the 306

    Now that the "new" motor is over the 200,000 mile mark I thought new valve springs and lifters were in order. A few weeks ago I had my son swap the lifters and valve springs for me while we were chasing down some top end noise. This is the first time I have had the valve covers off and it was...
  3. Jbrown1238

    306 Ranger, pulling timing at tip in

    I am having an issue with my 306 V8 Ranger that seems to come and go. Any feedback or brain storming ideas would be appreciated as to what might be causing the issue. I will try to provide as much information as possible to help identify what might be occurring. I will include a list of...
  4. Jbrown1238

    Reg cab frame versus Super Cab

    I know this probably belongs in a different section of the forum but all my "boys" are over here. Question: Is the rear frame section for the 1999-2000 the same dimensions for super cab versus reg cab? I think all of the different dimensions are forward of the rivited joint but I need to be...
  5. Jbrown1238

    99 V8 Ranger, no crank issue

    I tried to crank over my 99 V8 Ranger today. I have power at the key and the dash, the fuel pump primes as it should. The engine will not crank over. I did discover that the crank position sensor was unplugged. I have not had a chance to test fire it now that the issue with the crank sensor has...
  6. Jbrown1238

    Call out for Rwenzing & RangerSVT

    I have double checked my notes and read everything I could find previously received from both of you. I feel confident I have all of my bases covered with the initial wiring for test start purposes. But then again, four or six eyes are better than two. Here is a quick rundown of the wiring...
  7. Jbrown1238

    Help writing custom tune, SCT X4

    I am looking for some help writing a custom tune for the following set up. The tune will be an initial tune simply to get the truck started for the first time. I am not sure the OEM tune will allow the truck to fire with the modifications I have performed. I am using a SCT X4 7015 tuner. Please...
  8. Jbrown1238

    Hellwig 7511 rear sway bar and DJM Flip Kit

    I did a search but could not get any firm info. I am looking for confirmation that a Hellwig 7511 rear sway bar will or will not fit a 1999 Ford Ranger with a DJM Flip Kit. I have heard that there might be interference between the sway bar and the DJM plates. If anyone has photos of their...
  9. Jbrown1238

    Recommendations for a SCT Tuner & Vendor

    I am just about ready to purchase a new SCT Tuner and I am looking for opinions on which model to buy and who to buy from. I have looked at the tried and true SCT SF3 and the newer SCT X4. Any opinions on which of the two work better for the 2001 Explorer 5.0/ 1999 Ranger swap. T5, no cats, 114...
  10. Jbrown1238

    04 extended cab seats in a 99 reg cab?

    I did a little research but didn't find any real answers. Can any one tell me for sure if a set of 04 extended cab bucket seats will bolt into a 99 regular cab Ranger?
  11. Jbrown1238

    Where to find 13 inch hubs and brackets?

    Anyone know of a source for the kit to adapt 13 inch Cobra front brakes to a 99 Ranger. I have been on a waiting list for a while for a new set out of Canada but wanted to look into any other options that may be available. I need the hubs and brackets for a 10 inch 99 brake rotor.
  12. Jbrown1238

    Proper push rod length

    I am working on a 306 with GT40P heads, stock valves, Ford Racing lifters, Comp Cam, stock rockers. The block deck surface is OE spec but the heads were decked and the tops of the valve stems were cleaned up a bit. I mocked up my OE push rods to see how close they were. I was hitting my torque...
  13. Jbrown1238

    1999 8.8 axle specs

    I did a search but could not find any info that was conclusive. I am getting ready to order 31 spline Moser axles for my 1999 8.8 housing. The problem is they only offer ready to order axles for 93-97 model year Rangers. My question is as follows. Is there any specs that vary from the 1997...
  14. Jbrown1238

    Approx. weight of frame

    Can anybody give me the approximate weight of a bare frame for a 1999 2wd regular cab Ford Ranger. No suspension, nothing attached, just the frame itself.
  15. Jbrown1238

    Trans noise, 98 2wd 5 spd

    I have a 1998 Ranger 2 wd, 2.5 4 cyl, with a 5 speed manual trans. It has 192,000 miles and just started making noise earlier today. When I release the clutch from a dead stop (in first or revere) I can hear a slight grinding noise. It sounds like it is coming from inside the transmission. The...
  16. Jbrown1238

    93 Cobra 1.7 roller rockers and Explorer valve covers

    I did a search but didn't see anything conclusive. Can the 93 1.7 Cobra roller rockers be used with the 2001 Explorer valve covers with no modification?
  17. Jbrown1238

    Wiring question, 01 Explorer/98 Ranger 42 PIN

    Here is the combination: Vehicle: 1998 4cly, 5-speed, coil spring, 2wd Regular cab Ford Ranger. Engine, PCM, and Harness: 2001 Mercury Mountaineer 5.0 V8. Here is the planned combination: 5.0 V8, T-5 5 speed, PATS flashed/disabled. Current status: I have collected almost all of the...
  18. Jbrown1238

    01 Explorer, 42 pin connection

    I am looking for the pinout for a 2001 Explorer/Mountaineer 5.0, 42 pin connection on the engine harness. I have searched several forums but have not been successful in locating the information. If anyone can help please let me know.
  19. Jbrown1238

    Another T-5 clutch slave question

    I have done a lot of reading/searching in regards to the popular hydraulic clutch set up for the 5.0 V8/T-5 swap on a 1998 Ranger 2wd coil spring truck. When I did a similar swap on a 1993 Splash back in 1997 the same set up was marginal at best. At that time I used the Total Performance kit...
  20. Jbrown1238

    Torque Monster Headers

    Does anyone know if Torque Monster Headers is still in business? I tried calling both phone numbers listed on their web site and they appear to no longer be correct. I also tried e-mailing them but have received no reply. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

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