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  1. kaskirov

    1000w amp + 300w sub?

    i bought a sub and amp last month and i'm a bit confused about if they will work together. i bought a 10" JL sub with enclosure and the web site says:Continuous Power Handling: 300W my understanding is that the max watts to go through this sub should be 300w, correct? when i bought this the...
  2. kaskirov

    Rangers are fuel efficient?

    i keep hearing people say that rangers are fuel efficient, and i have to dissagree. i have an 2006 4.0L 4wd 5spd and i'm getting around 16 to 17 mpg in day to day driving. best i ever got was 100% highway with premium gas and i got around 19.5mpg. If i look at the epa...
  3. kaskirov

    how to un-bend brush guard?

    to make a long story short i bent up my aries brush guard the first time i went out off roading. The bottom horizontal bar is bent inwards (from bottoming out) and the right bracket is bent back into the truck. i was thinking about putting a strap around the bracket and trying to pull it out...
  4. kaskirov

    Ranger returns in 2012

    http://www.autosavant.net/2008/04/ranger-is-dead-long-live-ranger.html "Finally, by the end of 2012, the Ranger is scheduled to return to the US showrooms. Last year, the F-100 was evaluated as a potential global replacement for the Ranger, but it was not awarded this prestigious position...
  5. kaskirov

    propane propane

    so yesterday i went to a propane refueling station to check the price. it is $0.76/L, vs $1.34/L for gas. my dad's motor home is on a E-450 chassis and can run off gas or propane with the flick of a switch. that means you can get propane kits for fuel injection. i seen kits on the internet for...
  6. kaskirov

    Thinking about gas... and bronco IIs

    So right now gas around here is like $1.20 (about 4.60 a gallon) and is going up to $1.30 this summer. Well where i'm working right now requires me to drive about half an hour each way on a highway. Gives me alot of time to think (uh oh) and its not looking good for my ranger. Its costing me $15...
  7. kaskirov

    pinstripe- yay or nay?

    i was at a liquidation place recently and picked up this: http://www.chroma-graphics.com/asp/view.asp?link=370 it is about 7/16" (6mm) high was thinking about putting it where my two tone paint meets. pic of truck on my car domain in signature. i'm unsure what this would look like, i can see...
  8. kaskirov

    US elections

    my god... when will they end? so many threads about it, all over the news, gah gah gaaaaahhh :annoyed: make it stop
  9. kaskirov

    suburban 3/4

    my friend bought a gmc suburban at an auction last year. it seemed like a good deal but it needs work. i've been helping him with alot of it and i want to get the thing running good, so i thought i'd ask here for help. the current problem is hard starting when being used often. its weired; it it...
  10. kaskirov

    USB connections

    i'm gonna start off by saying what i want to do. What i want is to be able to is listen to my mp3 player through my truck. Sounds simple enough eh? its not. i tried fm transmitters but i found 2 problems: 1. Bad quality, even on the non-cheap ones 2. hard to control whats playing. the screen is...
  11. kaskirov

    Off Road Subaru Outback

    i seen this in a parking lot and took a picture with my camera phone. Bad quality of course. heres what your looking at; it is a subaru outback with a custom diamond plate bumber, diamond plate skid plates, snorkle, and fog lights on the roof. i thought it was pretty crazy.
  12. kaskirov

    Tech II ranger

    Here are a few pics that i took last fall during an uneventful hunting trip with my camera phone (so ya, bad quality). i call it the tech II ranger cause its a level II, and theres a game i play that involves flying spaceships, and there are upgraded ones called tech II, and they got extra stuff...
  13. kaskirov

    Annoying clutch sound

    I have a 2006 ranger 4x4 with a standard tranny, and when i'm going from stop to go in first gear i get a wining sound. it happens like 60% of the time. i asked my ford dealer about it and he said i wasn't giving it enough gas. i've been driving standard for 3 years but this is my first vehicle...

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