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  1. Davis

    3.4l v8

    I believe the SHO V6 can bolt up to an M5OD.
  2. Davis

    3.4l v8

    EDIT: This is the SHO V6, not V8. Also this has an adapter. However, the SHO V8 does share bellhousing pattern with Duratec V6s. I'm relatively certain that the Ranger 3.0 M5OD bolts up.
  3. Davis

    Ranger RB20DET

    This isn't really a "street truck" build, but it isn't "off-road" either. I guess it just is what it is. Through high school and college, I drove a 1988 ranger 2wd. It was my project and daily driver. I went through 5 short-blocks, 3 clutches, 4 transmissions, and a lot of oil. Funny...
  4. Davis

    RB20 Ranger

    I'm building an RB20DET Ranger for my buddy because... Why not? :icon_welder: Anyway, I'm writing about it on my blog, but thought you people might be interested in seeing it. http://ironhydroxide.blogspot.com/2015/09/im-like-one-eyed-cat-peepin-in-seafood.html
  5. Davis

    New engine for my Ranger

    I had some trouble with my last engine and toasted the pistons. So I decided to do a full rebuild on the engine. Got the block back from my machinist and painted it to match the truck. The head is a worked over NA head with big valves. I reshaped the chambers to accommodate big...
  6. Davis

    My 1988 Ranger VS Late Model GTO

    http://youtu.be/VE9UeOl_JSc http://youtu.be/VE9UeOl_JSc
  7. Davis

    Boost curve

    This may be of interest to some of you. That's a 3rd gear pull. Holset HE351 Mild porting Center mount tube header Ranger roller regrind with a little more lift big FMIC 3" exhaust
  8. Davis

    Catching Air on a Bigwheel

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=75FVptBbY8Y That's my brother. Almost ten years now, it seems some things never change.
  9. Davis

    2.3 Turbo in Action

    http://therangerstation.com/forums/showthread.php?t=115707 This may be relevant to your interests.
  10. Davis

    Turbo Ranger Hill Climb Video

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EvvWuIb6FmA Hill Climb Video I made this movie a little over a year ago to test out the capabilities of a GoPro Hero HD. The truck is my 88 Ranger 2.3 Turbo. It's got a pretty hot motor with a Holset HE351 turbo on it, backed by a T5 tranny and a racing clutch...
  11. Davis

    Alignment Bushing Wrench Size

    What size wrench is required to adjust a TIB caster/camber bushing?
  12. Davis

    What does it take to get 10-12 wheel travel all around?

    So I'm thinking this summer I might rework the suspension on my truck. I want to get about 10" travel, front and rear. It's a 1988 shortbed single cab. Currently the setup is stock except for skyjacker leveling coils, cut down polyurethane spacers, aftermarket camber bushings and bilstein HD...
  13. Davis

    My new shortblock

    After this I wanted something that I could rely on even at high hp levels, so I built me a new shortblock.
  14. Davis

    more tire clearance by pushing axles forward?

    I have had tire rubbing isssues for quite some time, and I'm trying to figure out how to fix it. I'm running 235/75r15s on my ranger, with skyjacker leveling coils and cut down polyurethane spacers. The truck sits level, maybe a touch higher in the front. The rear suspension is stock and I...
  15. Davis

    what would cause...

    ...my thermostat to stop working after i fixed my heater core. i was getting no heat, so i pulled the heater core and flushed it. i get heat now, but the thermostat doesnt open. the motor gradually gets hotter and hotter till it would overheat if i kept driving it. i am pretty confused here. any...
  16. Davis

    t-5 swap

    well the time has come that i do the t-5 swap. my poor old mazda tranny is as loud as the motor on the freeway. i have located one for $175. it wont have the hydaulic line intace, but does have the slave cylinder and bellhousing. my question is, what else do i need. in the tech articles i read...
  17. Davis


    well i finally passed emissions. it was a bit of a pain though. i had to make an adjustable fuel pressure regulator out of one of those CFI units, which wasnt too bad, but it took a while to get everything dialed in so that it would pass the high and low speed tests. but my question is about...
  18. Davis

    Heater box Quextion

    I got in my truck the other day and tried to switch it to defrost mode. It wouldn't go. The heater box is of course notched to fit the turbo. It has been a long time since I have driven my truck and cant remember if I used to have this problem. Would this notch be blocking a flapper door and...
  19. Davis

    sway bars

    I have an 88 ranger 2wd 2.3 turbo. it gets up and goes, but handles quite poorly. At low speeds the power needs to be better harnessed and at high speeds, the truck gets squirrel. The front end is lifted 1.5 inches with 235/75r15s and I do go offroading, but it's definitely not low speed rock...

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