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  1. Dprocks100

    Idle issue - About ready to sell this old girl

    This whole problem started 3 weeks ago. I started my truck and let it idle for about 5 minuets and took off down the road. About 1-2 min later when I went to put the clutch in, it stalled as it went down to idle. Tried 4-5 times to start it, and it ran like normal. Drove it another 1-2 min and...
  2. Dprocks100

    Vacuum tubing?

    Where do you guys get your replacement vacuum tubing? My truck has the plastic lines that connect with rubber connectors and the only tubing I have been able to find locally is 3ft long which isn't enough and I really don't want to put a rubber splice in the middle. The guy at Autozone told me...
  3. Dprocks100

    Recovery Bible

    Found this little gem while researching ways to recover an ATV I lost off a cliff. Found it pretty useful, figured others new to extreme recovery that takes more than a winch or snatch strap would benefit from the info. Maybe we can make this a sticky or put it in the tech library if people find...
  4. Dprocks100

    First and Second Gen Body lift differences

    Anyone know if there are any differences between body lifts for gen 1 and 2? The 2" body lift is $50 cheaper for the gen 1 than the gen 2. The only place where I can see that it would matter is in the steering linkage.
  5. Dprocks100

    manifold/catalytic converter flange seal?

    This is my last major problem getting my truck back together. No matter what position I put the manifold and cat flange together at, it leaks. There is no gasket that I know of that goes between the two. any one have any tips on sealing this? The guy at the parts store told me to try copper RTV...
  6. Dprocks100

    Cylinder head pins??

    Replacing my cracked head today with a new reman one. Didn't think of it until now, but do I need new head pins (I think thats what they are called)? I think they help align the head on the block or something. they are in the rear and front corner (2 total). My block still has one, but the other...
  7. Dprocks100

    2.3 to 4.0 dash harness

    Swapping in a 4.0 to my 91 2.3 ranger. My question is if the dash harness connector (big white connector) is the same on all engines for my year or if the 2.9 and 4.0 differ from my 2.3 on the dash side. I can find that the 2.9 and 4.0 interchange but not solid info on the 2.3. I assume it does...
  8. Dprocks100

    Bumble's Build Thread

    This is going to be my build thread for my 91 Ranger "Bumble". The name came about because the suspension was so worn out when I bought it that it bounced off-road. And from the Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer Christmas special, we all know that "Bumbles Bounce!" I have owned it for just over 2...
  9. Dprocks100

    Steam and Water out of tailpipe

    Last friday my truck started steaming and loosing a lot of water through the tailpipe. Sucked 3/4 of my coolant out of my overflow tank in a 20 minuet drive. Its got 143,xxx miles. It burns about a quart every 3-4,000 miles. Did a compression test and got 120-115 psi over all 4 cylinders. my...
  10. Dprocks100

    2nd gen mudflaps

    I saw a 2nd gen sport (looked like a white dixie cup with teal decals) this morning with mudflaps on all 4 corners that had Ranger written on them in ranger style lettering. Anyone know anything about these and where I could find them other than the jy? Should have taken a picture because i've...
  11. Dprocks100

    Heavy/light clutch

    Got a few questions, more just kind of curious. Couldn't find anything specific searching, didn't really know what to search for. I have a 91 2.3 2wd manual ranger with 141,xxx miles. Nothing fancy, probably the lowest base model you can go cuz I've never found anything saying my truck has a...
  12. Dprocks100

    Vinegar engine coolant flush?

    So the po of my truck really neglected the coolant system on my 1991 2.3L ranger. It has rust in the coolant still after 5 intense coolant changes, and I have replaced all the hoses, water pump (old ones fins rusted compleatly off) and thermostat last year when I did the last coolant change. It...
  13. Dprocks100

    8.8 limited slip 3.73

    8.8 limited slip 3.73 price So I found a deal on a 8.8 limited slip 3.73 axle off of a 4wd 1994 ranger (the door code is R6) that the engine went out and he is now parting out. I have a 1991 2wd 2.3L ranger with an open 3.08 7.5 (door code 82). I know it will bolt right up to my truck and that...
  14. Dprocks100

    EGR connection with aftermarket cone filter?

    This is the flexy pipe in the engine compartment from my exhaust. Sent from my HTC One using Tapatalk
  15. Dprocks100

    EGR connection with aftermarket cone filter?

    Ok so this is what im talking about and what I believe to be my EGR. I could be totally wrong in thinking its my EGR but there is a flexy pipe that goes from my exhaust to this valve thing and vacume lines as well. Its before the stock air box. Sent from my HTC One using Tapatalk
  16. Dprocks100

    EGR connection with aftermarket cone filter?

    K I've searched this for weeks, and I can't find my answer. I have a 2.3L 1991 2wd and I have put on a aftermarket cone air filter. I currently don't have my EGR connected, and I passed emissions (live in Utah) and it doesn't throw a CEL. In my reading of the EGR, I have decided that I want it...
  17. Dprocks100

    91' 2wd Ranger Build\prerunner

    So I picked up this truck back in February of this year (2013). Nice little reliable truck for a high school/start of college kid. Basic as crap, 2.3L manual, 1991 2wd ranger with 128,xxx. Used as a maintenance farm truck. No rust problems, besides the inside of the bed. Only problems I knew...
  18. Dprocks100

    Camber problem on drivers front side

    Hi, ive tried to search this for months and haven't found anything on how to fix this. The camber on my drivers side frond tire is pushed in towards my truck from the top of the tire. the passenger side is fine. when took it into get aligned they told my father, who picked the vehicle up, that...
  19. Dprocks100

    91 2.3 timing belt trouble

    ok so today i decided to change my timing belt. lined everything up, loosened the tensioner and went to pull the belt off. my dumb a** friend told me i didnt need to take of the crankshaft pulley to do it. found out i had to take it of. tried for a few hours to get the beast off and couldnt do...
  20. Dprocks100

    1991 Tune up

    Hi, I'm looking for things to tune up on my 1991 2.3 2wd with 132,000 miles. I bought it in February and fixed it up and now I'm out of things to fix haha. Looking for Preventative maintenance things to do to it. I know I wanna replace the spark plugs and wires and I've heard to use motorcraft...

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