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  1. dixie_boysles

    86' Clear side markers

    Does anyone know where to get clear side markers for an 86 model or do they even make them? These are part of a Christmas present for a buddy and I really need them The little vertical lights at the front of the fender is what I mean
  2. dixie_boysles

    How To: Change Rear Differential Fluid

    Written By: dixie_boysles Discalimer: Neither I nor this site takes any responsibility in any damage or actions resulting from this . When performing this, you are doing so at your own risk In this how-to I will be showing you my method to replacing the gear oil in your rear differential...
  3. dixie_boysles

    The F150 as of late

    Well I have owned the F150 for about 6 months now, so far so good, but like with almost any used vehicle you have the small issues to fix. I am enjoying the truck and LOVE the features and tallness of it. To date I have done the following: 1) Brand new custom cat-back exhaust with Flo-Pro...
  4. dixie_boysles

    Last day as Ranger owner :(

    Well as most of you know, the Ranger has been for sale due to +1 in the family (baby). We needed two vehicles that could "safely" haul our child with a backseat, so I upgraded to my white 04 F150 Lariat. A local young couple (my age) pulled the trigger on the Ranger and will be gettting her...
  5. dixie_boysles

    My new to me truck

    Well i finally decided to pull the trigger on a truck i found online. We are expecting our first child and we need two vehicles that can haul the little guy around. Super nice truck with no Diesel sound out if the 5.4 lol. Super nice 04 Lariat Scab with 74k miles. Picking this up when the...
  6. dixie_boysles

    Wonder what these go to......

    well....... They go to my new truck!!! 2004 Ford F150 Lariat SuperCrew 4x4 Dark Toreador Red 5.4 Triton V8 Power Everything, down to adjustable pedals and power back slider New Michelin tires 76k miles and got it for $14k
  7. dixie_boysles

    Carolina Beach Camping (56k no)

    Well For the past few years, We have meet up with Trent(04blackedge--R/F) and his wife and a few others to go camping. We have been to the OBX, Pisgah National Forest, and this time we went to Carolina Beach. Things on my list to never do again---Go camping ON the beach. Usually in NC, you...
  8. dixie_boysles

    New look! busy day for ol red yestarday

    Well, today was a busy day for ol' Red. She got a few things added to her. The first was a nice skid plate from 04rangerdave (R/F). Nice guy actually just wanted to trade me even for my plastic airdam. Sanded and painted: Mounted: Then I had a nice delivery from of my good friends...
  9. dixie_boysles

    Two Clean Red Trucks!

    I cleaned the ol girl up today for the first time in three weeks (wedding and honeymoon cause that). Boy was she dirty! The lighting conditions sucked for my pics....booo Exterior: - Scrubbed Tire and wheels with Simple Green - Scrubbed wheel wells - Washed with Meguiar's Deep Crystal Wash -...
  10. dixie_boysles

    My Wedding!

    Well as most of you know, I got married August 27th. Honeymoon just ended at Carolina Beach. I must say it was the most beautiful wedding I've ever been to, and I'm not just saying that because it was mine. Here are just a handful of the pics from our photographer. He is effing amazing:
  11. dixie_boysles

    2001+ 4x4 Ranger guys chime in PLEASE

    Alright guys, I need all of you to check something for me by either taking pics OR I really like a video. My issue is that I have gear oil on my right CV Axle. I posted a pic on my FB about it and a lot of guys are saying that my CV looks like it has slipped out. I dont know, I've never owned...
  12. dixie_boysles

    Doing what i do best....detailed the truck last weekend (56k warning)

    Like many today, I washed and waxed and detailed the truck today taking advantage of the beautiful weather. I rolled out of bed at 10:30, threw on some deodorant and my flops and grabbed the wash bucket lol. I started at 10:45. Finished at 4:00 My Process: Wash with Meguiar's Deep Crystal...
  13. dixie_boysles


    Sara and I went to a local mudbog for charity today. It was my first one ever and let me tell you it was AWESOME. There was an array of trucks there from a sasd newer style blazer (it was badass for a cheby). A BADASS ranger md truck that had more power than I have ever seen. Had so much...
  14. dixie_boysles

    Cleaned the fiance's car up

    Its been about over a month since I got to clean her new car up. I let her take ol' Red to work as I washed her car up. Started with a nice wash with Megiars Deep Crystal wash, followed by a drying twice, then waxed it with Auto Glym High Definition Wax, then vacuumed and conditioned all the...
  15. dixie_boysles

    Our New House!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Well, Sara and I closed on our house today!!! We have been looking and decided on this one a few months back and got under contract in April. We LOVE this house. Its a 3 bedroom, 1 1/2 bath, full basement house. All kitchen appliances stay, laminate floors, VERY clean house!!! We have 3/4...
  16. dixie_boysles

    Be Jealous! FX4 style upholstery on my 60/40s

    Been a busy day! Took 5 hours, but got my seats recovered with some new upholstery. I had these specially made by a guy that makes them on Ebay. Let me tell you, his work is top notch!!!!! These covers were made to Ford Spec and thread for thread looked just like what came off! I think they...
  17. dixie_boysles

    My date for Easter..

    Well Sara had to work today which didn't make me very happy. Pissed actuallly considering she worked every holiday except thanksgiving and she has worked the past 6 weekends. Sooooooo I washed the truck this morning for some stress relief and relaxation and then went to see the family...
  18. dixie_boysles

    What's been goin on in my life....

    Well, been a busy person as of late. I have two jobs as of January. I work M-F 7:00-4:00 in my career as a Draftsman at a local granite quarry. Tuesdays and Thursdays, I teach evening drafting classes at the local community college (one i graduated from). i actually took my teacher's job...
  19. dixie_boysles

    Busch Enterprises---Metal Polishes---For Those with Polished Wheels

    I was Googling Aluminum Polishes for my wheels and ran across one that had MANY recommendations and great reviews. Its Called Busch Super Shine Metal Polish. Its more of a professional line unlike the OTC stuff like Mothers, meguairs, etc... And the best thing is, its not that expensive! I...
  20. dixie_boysles

    Ultra-Gauge Support/Ordering Thread

    I figured with everyone buying an Ultra-Gauge these days, I'd start a Support thread for anyone needing help or links to help or ordering. I have contacted Ultra-Gauge and they love the idea. They said that they just dont have time or resources to stay on all car/truck forums. Also on a side...

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