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  1. Will

    Drill press recommendations

    The drill bits are more important. Chicago-Latrobe #57850 is the set I use. Any cheap drill press is good enough-it's not a milling machine. The thing is heat. The bits I suggest are much harder at drilling temp than the steel we drill through. Sometimes we harden the steel as we try to...
  2. Will

    Question about winch

    The best winch is a fast winch. I went through a few winches. I settled on the Superwinch Talon 9.5i. It's the fastest winch there is. You have to run to spool it back in. I cut the steel wire in half and put hooks on the extra half for when I need it. I have the huge crimper for the cable to do...
  3. Will

    What’s for dinner tonite!

    Frittata. Quiche without the pastry.
  4. Will

    Rest in Peace Bloodbane

    What? He has the same last name as me, and not a common one. I know him by his forum name. I'm sorry for sure to learn of his passing.
  5. Will

    Suicidal thoughts...

    Who can you help? I have a 19 year old child I deal with this all the time. We are alone in the universe with nuclear reactions and big rocks and physics and shit flying at us. It's up to us. Instead of looking inside, look outside. Go help somebody else. Be a rung on somebodies ladder. That's a...
  6. Will

    ever buy tools that you will probably never need?

    I bought an inch-drive impact wrench to take apart a D35 TTB. I have a huge compressor that's taller than me. I put a 1/2" air hose on it. No quick connects when I use it as they restrict the air. You have to set it up just to knock a bolt loose. It will power the 1" drive impact for maybe 10...
  7. Will

    More Bronco hear say.

    I banned you forever, Dirtman, but Jim brought you back. I guess you're important too, in some way. I hope so. I want us to be inclusive--not just a bunch of white guys with pin-ups on our garage walls.
  8. Will

    Full size Bronco questions?

    I like you, Rusty. I don't care about trucks that much.
  9. Will

    For Sale RBV Parts for sale.

    All prices negotiable. Exploder (31-spline) 8.8 with 4.10s and discs, with an armored TRS cover, Ford trac-lok set up with spring pads to fit a '96 Ranger--$200 '91 Ranger (28-spline) with 4.10s and drums and a Lock-Right locker--set up with spring pads to fit an '89 BII, with wheel...
  10. Will

    Veterans Day

    I was in the Marine Corps for 10 years. I never say I served. I grew up a military brat. In 3rd grade I was in 3 school in 2 countries and in 2 states. I landed in a small town with no prospects. My mom always told me I was out when I turned 18. There was no talk of college. I have my...
  11. Will

    Is a SAS the only option?

    I've stayed out of these arguments for years. My dad gave me his '87 Ranger back in about 2000 after the tranny blew. I looked under it and saw a pumpkin and was disappointed. I was working in Africa in the early 90's and we had 2 Suburbans. We had a '91 with a straight axle and a new '93 with...
  12. Will

    Full size Bronco questions?

    The Jimmy had 3.42 axles. And it whipped the 5.8s ass. It was embarrassing because I was the Ford guy and was driving the F250. I had an '00 7.3 Superduty E350 up until a few years ago. It was ok. My wife hated it and finally bought a new Mercedes Sprinter in '15 to replace it. The Sprinter has...
  13. Will

    First time sticking metal together

    I'm talking about focus distance. I lost the ability of my eyes to change focus a few years ago. Can't see the pretty little orange pool and stir it around through my +6.5 glasses. When I take them off, I can still do it.
  14. Will

    1980 honda 110 ATC restomod.

    I lived in Dover, Delaware when those things first came out. We had a place called "The Pits" where we rode our old no-suspension 3hp mini bike. Those Hondas started showing up and they were tipping over on turns and going over backwards on hill climbs. I wouldn't be surprised if there are...
  15. Will

    First time sticking metal together

    I can't weld wearing glasses anymore at all. I was only formally trained with gas welding. That's the best to learn with because it comes at you the slowest. You form the pool as gently as you want and then feed in the filler at your own pace, as needed. It's not as bright, either. I went to...
  16. Will

    What is the 'S' gear for?

    Yeah, that's a police car. I'll bet that needle still waved at you as you accelerated. Certified happy wave.
  17. Will

    Maytag washing machine...

    Is that the kind with a little 2-stroke motor and the rollers that kills every other woman that uses it?
  18. Will

    Holy heating bill!

    Make sure you get one that you have to cut a hole in the wall to exhaust it. I have one by Empire in my man-cave barn. If you do one of the ones without an external exhaust, it exhausts into the house and that is a lot of water vapor. Rusts all of your stuff. I like your Ranger/generator...
  19. Will

    140,000 Suspension is shot, what to do next?

    Someone made a lift kit that got rid of torsion bars and put in coils, I don't remember which company. Torsion bars are junk. It works the same way as a coil, but is really short. It's convenient for the designer when he's not worried about it actually working well. It necessarily has a small...
  20. Will

    Air assist shock VS spring assist shock.

    Air shocks carry the weight on the tiny shock mounts. Don't use those. Back when I was a kid we used them to fit massive G60 tires on our hotrods, but they didn't carry any weight.

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