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  1. ajmiller


    Ordering gears soon. I have 31's with 373 gears. Swapping in the d35 soon also but I cant decide on 410's or 456's? I wanna know what rpm range i will cruise at from like 65 mph or so? Any help is appreciated
  2. ajmiller

    M5OD Problem

    About a year and 2 months ago I put in a remanufactured M5OD from a tranny shop in Portland. The thing has worked perfect until about a month ago. Whenever I shift down, and even sometimes when I shift up it makes a nasty grinding noise only when i let the clutch out. For some reason it only did...
  3. ajmiller

    Need new molded carpet

    Anyone know of a good place to order new carpet for a 1989 extended cab ranger? I have had horrible luck with LMC and have looked at reviews and seen bad things. I have their polivinyl and it is terrible. It doesnt fit correctly and it didnt mold right. I need a good piece of carpet to put in my...
  4. ajmiller

    Belltech 6400's

    Needing to level out the rear end on my ranger. The Tuff country lift gave me 4 in front and 3 in back. I heard about belltech shackles but ive heard they can flip. Was thinking about getting blocks but shackles will be easier. And i found some 6400's on summit but it says they are for lowering...
  5. ajmiller

    ajmiller's 89 Ranger build

    Only Before pic i had Jacked up ready to be lifted. Radius arm drop bracket New coil Pittman arm Done New wheels and tires! 31 10.50 R15 Kelly Safari TSR Tried to level the rear end by jacking it up with the trailer =] Need new shackles for the back. Also...
  6. ajmiller

    Tuff Country 4inch Lift

    Hey guys, im Aj the one that had the problem with tuff country not sending me coils, and if you havent already found out, they sent them for free this last spring. Well i just got the lift put on, and wheels and tires are now being put on as we speak. My only problem is when i first got the...
  7. ajmiller

    Front end trouble?

    Hey guys ive been having a possible front end problem lately and i cant figure it out. Whenever i let out the clutch, i hear a clunking noise up front but it only does it whenever i let out the clutch. Its definitely not in 4wd so its not the front driveshaft. what could this possibly be? Im...
  8. ajmiller

    Ripped off

    I ordered that tuff country 4 inch lift kit, when it came it didnt have coil springs in it. So i called them to see what happened and they told me that they dont come with coil springs anymore. Okay, so i look at coil springs for a 4 inch lift, and they are 145 on summit. I originally wanted to...
  9. ajmiller

    Red paint trim

    As you can see in my picture, the bed is all white, but the cab has red trim. When i first bought the truck it had a huge dent in the bed, so i just bought a new one from the junkyard. I want to know if i can peel the red trim off somehow so the whole truck is one color.
  10. ajmiller

    2.9 MSD Ignition

    Is there an MSD ignition i can get that i can set a rev limiter? My truck doesnt make power after about 45-4600 and plus i could use a little better spark.
  11. ajmiller

    Wheel hub caps

    I need a set of the rear hub caps for these wheels. If anyone has an extra set let me know if i can get them. ill pay for them you just tell me the price. thanks...
  12. ajmiller

    Lift Question

    So i finally am financially ready to buy my 4 inch lift. Ive decited to go with the 4 inch tuff country lift, just the simple one. I have a few questions, im pretty sure i will need extended brake lines, and also what else will I need to make the lift work properly? And i need suggestions of...
  13. ajmiller

    Clutch question

    So ive always wondered why my clutch is a little stiff to push in. Yesterday i drove my buddies toyota with a 22re 5 spd hydraulic clutch and everything, and his clutch was much easier to push in. I had just replaced my tranny and clutch last summer. It seems like once i put the clutch in it was...
  14. ajmiller

    Electrical problem?

    1989 ford ranger 2.9 v6 manual tranny. Just put a new alternator in. I thought that was the problem, but whenever im driving now, every once in a while the dash guages will flop and the lights will go off along with the radio but the motor will still run. let it sit last night and it wouldnt...
  15. ajmiller

    Dana 28 with 31's?

    Getting a 4 inch lift soon and i was wondering if my dana 28 would handle 31 inch mud's? thanks
  16. ajmiller

    Goodyear Dura-tracs

    I purchased a set of these last summer size 235-75-15 which is stock size for my ranger. Have ran them through mud, gravel, snow, and dirt. They work pretty good in the mud, i got stuck a few times only because i bottomed out, but other than that everything i didnt bottom out on it went right...
  17. ajmiller

    800 dollar paint job

    Need new paint. not looking to spend a bunch of money, but i hear about these 800-900 paint jobs... Has anyone gotten one of these? how long do they last? let me know the pros and cons please. thnks
  18. ajmiller

    My little tow rig

    Here is my ranger pulling a 16 foot boat from my house in Hubbard Oregon to Lake billy chanook which is well over 200 miles there. All i have modified in my truck is headers, full 40 series exhaust, biggest b2 ranger throttle body,K&N, mazda trans, 373 gears. Pulled 50 mph in 3rd gear up the...
  19. ajmiller

    89 ranger dana 35 and 8.8 swap

    I cancelled the whole idea of doing a d30 sas swap and decited to do the dana 35 and 8.8 swap. Could someone show me pics of the swap from the dana 28 to the dana 35 and from the 7.5 to the 8.8? and tell me how easy or how hard it was.. and also how long it will take.. thanks..
  20. ajmiller

    LMC Polyvinyl question

    Im getting rid of my carpet and getting the Polyvinyl floor mat from the LMC magazine. My question is will i need insulation under it? im just worried about noise, if it will be noisy or will it absorb the noise like carpet. thanks..

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