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  1. Poor idle and power loss, KOEO code 18

    Starting last week I had a sudden loss of power in my 88 BII. I was driving my daily commute and I noticed it started slowing down. I lost enough power I had to drop to 4th to keep above 60 MPH. At hot idle it runs rough, cold idle is fine. Power loss doesn't matter cold or hot - I have poor...
  2. Loud bang, then no power to rear wheels

    1988 Bronco II XLT, 2.9L 5-speed 4x4. Starting from a stop today I let out the clutch, heard a loud bang, and the truck wouldn't move. There was a slight rattling noise with the truck in gear with the clutch out. I pushed it off to the side of the road and just for the hell of it I locked my...
  3. 1988 Bronco II cruise control vacuum routing

    Hey everyone, First-time Ford owner here. I picked up an 88 Bronco II XLT to use as a winter beater back in November. The guy who owned it before me was a "mechanic"... meaning there are a lot of things done on it recently, which were all half-assed. New brake shoes on badly worn drums, new...

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