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  1. 03 3.0 ranger upgrade

    Hello, I want to tow a small camper with my 03, 3.0L extended cab Ranger. Power is an issue. I put a performance chip on the maf sensor and am thinking of exhaust headers. Anybody have recommendations for sparking this puppy up?
  2. 95 b2300 low/no power

    I have a 95 b2300 with no power issues. I has a 5 speed manual transmission. I've replaced the computer, plugs, wires, both coil pacs, iac, maf, tps, crank position sensor, fuel filter, fuel pressure regulator, egr... I may have missed something... Still seems like the thing has a governor on...
  3. 95 B2300, coil issue with 2.3l engine

    Hey ya'all. This is my first post. I'm having problems with low power and I'm getting a code 352 saying there's a primary circuit malfunction on coil B. Which one is B? and how can I check it out? Should I just replace it or could the problem be something other than the coil? The truck has 31"...

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