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  1. 1994 Camshaft position synchronizer help

    I am in the middle of replacing the cps in my 94 4.0. My cps is the on with the window that you can see through. I put the engine at TDC after having my finger pushed out of #1. Then, I inserted the new cps with the end of the vane line up at the mark on the window (manual does not say to...
  2. Camshaft synchronizer 94 b4000

    Is Motorcraft Da-2099 a replacement for F67Z12A362AAB in my truck? I also see dorman 689-105 but I saw that they don't last as long. I want to be sure before I buy it. Called dealer and they do not have part no. for my b series truck anymore. I have a couple guides saved that I will follow to...

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