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  1. Increasing towing capacity

    Yeahhh i know it's the legal max but I also drive 10 over the speed limit everywhere I go lol. Not saying I'm gonna do something stupid that'll cause a wreck, just wanted to be able to haul around a bit over rated occasionally. And as for the 5700lbs I think that's in reference to total gross...
  2. Increasing towing capacity

    Hey guys, I was curious if anybody here had any insight into increasing the towing capacity on a 96 Ranger 4.0 4x4. I'd like to be able to tow 3500-4000lbs and I think it's rated at around 3k. Ive already been planning a 5.0 swap (maybe even a hotrodded TDi or Om617 if I'm feelin spicy), if I...

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