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  1. 1988 Ranger “tribute” restoration

    There’s a robin nest on the battery tray. I think this means I’m not moving fast enough :ROFLMAO:
  2. 1988 Ranger “tribute” restoration

    And here’s the nice one I picked up to restore as a tribute to my favorite old blue pickup. It’s getting the original drivetrain from ol’ blue, along with the 4x4 goodies swapped over.
  3. 1988 Ranger “tribute” restoration

    Hello, for those who don’t know the back story, please read: https://www.therangerstation.com/forums/index.php?threads/new-here-for-the-second-time-restoration-tribute-to-my-very-first-vehicle-1988-ranger.193332/ Here I will try to avoid asking technical questions and just share some of the...
  4. 1988 2wd/4wd front spring mount confusion

    Hello, quick question for anyone with definitive knowledge. I’m converting a 1988 2WD to 4WD using 1988 donor parts and I have conflicting info specifically on the front spring mounts. I bought new ones because I was told by Ford that they are different part numbers but they look nearly...
  5. New here for the second time. Restoration tribute to my very first vehicle (1988 Ranger)

    Hello gang. I used to frequent the forums here as a young kid with no money and a rusted out Ranger pickup that I loved and wanted to make repairs and improvements to. I'm talking like 2001-ish. Man, has it really been 20 years? Anyway. That was my very first vehicle and I purchased it from...

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