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  1. 86' Bronco 2 2.9l Sputtering Issue

    For all who were curious what the problem was, after changing both fuel pumps, spark plugs, plug wires, distributor cap and replacing every sensor it was the TFI Module. Hopefully this saves someone the same headache I went through ha
  2. 86' Bronco 2 2.9l Sputtering Issue

    Not sure how long it sat, previous owner did not specify. But I have ran all the old gas out of it already and filled up with new stuff.
  3. 86' Bronco 2 2.9l Sputtering Issue

    Hello all, I bought this bronco this past summer for a steal of 500$ because it needed a clutch. Just got around to putting the new clutch/flywheel in, and have it running but now I have ran into an issue with the engine sputtering. This issue occurs when the engine is below roughly half...

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