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  1. sbc swap headers

    I just looked through all 98 pages in this forum and couldn't find an answer. I was trying to see if s10 sbc block hugger headers could fit in the ol' ranger. I know some of you guys are using ram horn and factory manifolds, but i want a little more breathing room. By the way i'm doing this with...
  2. Let's see what's out there....

    I guess i'll share too.
  3. I have a 1994 i want to bag.

    The notches for the tie rods are huge cause i measured for 20's, but i would prepare yours for something bigger than 18's cause this is the second time i did mine. Which is not the easiest thing to do.
  4. I have a 1994 i want to bag.

    Here is the engine compartment cut and tubbed for 20's with shaved firewall, and a pic of the 8 inch step notch.
  5. I have a 1994 i want to bag.

    Here is my 94 ford ranger. I modified the suicide doors brackets a little for the front. My front shock mounts use the anti sway bar mount. The height of my brackets are set up to lay a 20 with 235 rubber. On with the pics, hope it helps.
  6. lowering my ranger

    Here are some detailed pics for the rear hanger flip, just reverse the hanger and use grade 8 bolts and your done. Stock Reversed hanger For the front the 2 inch drop coils aren't that expensive. I think i paid 60 for the belltech
  7. Where are you guys ?

    The adapter plate is a two piece design make of 1/4 inch air craft aluminum. With the 93-97 sending units, they are 11.75 inches tall so you must use at least a 11.25 tall tank. I don't know about the 98-up sending units, but i'll find out. Would you like pics of the suspension designs or the...
  8. Help with Bagging Edge/Sport

    The edge won't lay as low as the xlt version. It's about 3 inches higher, so the front clip must be z'd in order to lay. I could be wrong, but the last edge i seen bagged had deleted the torsion bars and set up bag cups like the traditional A-arm style.
  9. Where are you guys ?

    I bagged 2 i-beam ford rangers and i'm starting on a toyota in january. I got some pics if your interested. Also i make adapter plates to use the stock sending unit on a 15 gallon RCI fuel cell if your interested. Total cost about 295 shipped to your door.
  10. drop spindles for rangers?

    The ball joints for the 95 are different than the 92. Also the brake system was upgraded in 95, but it doesn't affect the i-beam itself. For future modification it might be best to buy the dream beams if he ever wants to bag it.
  11. Where are you guys ?

    I've done 2 bagged rangers and lowered about 10 trucks or so. I just never get a response to my answers to questions so i don't really bother that much.
  12. Shackle flip... describe

    It's a pretty easy conversion, just grind off the rivets and switch sides and use grade eight bolts with nylocks, or lock washers. 93-97 gets 2 inches, 98 to ? gets 3 inches.
  13. i beams

    You'll also have to notch the frame for the tie rod and box it in with steel plate. Also to lay out you'll need a radius arm crossmember and transmission crossmember.
  14. i beams

    You don't want to drill through the i-beam. Here's an example of the brackets i made for the i-beam, and the modified upper bracket for the frame. All the additional cutting and bracing is to lay out on 20's. The shock mounts utilize the sway bar for the bottom mount.

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