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  1. A4lD 3-4 shift override?

    So Im going to start out with saying Its probably not going to work but if anyone might understand what im trying to go for any input would be helpful:) I would like to have an option to lock the truck in 4th while in at e-way speeds. typically while im driving and give it more gas it will drop...
  2. Creating HP on a 2.3 (naturally aspirated)

    im not looking for crazy power or anything just want to change it up a bit, you dont think any of that will do anything
  3. Creating HP on a 2.3 (naturally aspirated)

    Hey yall im new here, I'm gonna start off by saying this truck is a project truck that already has way too much money into it so im not too worried about cost efficiency, I just want it setup how i would like. Basically what I would like to do is put a high performance cam, modify the intake of...

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