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  1. Holes in bed corners

    Oooh okay cool, so would people just stick the bed hight extenders in there? Or is there a way to secure it?
  2. Holes in bed corners

    I just took off the canopy that's been on the ranger for it's lifetime (1988). There are holes in each corner of the bed on the sides that I didn't see before cause the canopy was sitting on them..I can tell there suppose to be there, but why? Should I worry about stuff getting stuck in them or...
  3. Metal grinding type sound at 3200 RMPs

    Oooh okay yeah I haven't even thought of that, I will check that for sure
  4. Metal grinding type sound at 3200 RMPs

    That's the test with the brake and gas while in drive, it definitely seems to be moving a bit
  5. Metal grinding type sound at 3200 RMPs

    Are you sure? I'm able to shake the engine with my hands when it's not running, and when it is running I put it in drive and held the brake while applying throttle and it definitely moved quite a bit. Also I put it on jack stands and started it up, at idle it also shakes quite violently and it...
  6. Metal grinding type sound at 3200 RMPs

    I shook the exhaust pipes and heat shields pretty good and didn't notice any movement. I'm thinking, could it be the engine mounts? That's a video of the engine vibration as seen from the mounts, it causes a lot of vibration on the engine and tranny and in the cabin, could it be hitting on...
  7. Metal grinding type sound at 3200 RMPs

    Thanks, I'll have to check the exhaust. With how long it sat it's possible some stuff rusted off and isn't securing it properly. I also plan on checking the motor mounts, now I'm not sure if that would cause this sound but considering it sat outside for 14 years they're probably not looking...
  8. Metal grinding type sound at 3200 RMPs

    Hey so as the title states, my ranger makes a weird grinding type sound at 3200 RPM's. It sounds like the sound is coming from the transmission area or the rear of the engine. It happens in park, neutral, and drive, I'm not certain if it makes the sound in reverse cause I never need the engine...
  9. Having brake issues and burning oil

    Oh thanks a lot.. Yeah when I got it it wouldn't start, everything I did to it to get it running... Oil change Replace fuel tank Replace fuel filter Professional fuel injector cleaning Cleaned the fuel line from fuel filter to fuel rail Replaced high and low pressure fuel pumps I have not...
  10. Having brake issues and burning oil

    Thanks good info, I completely forgot to test the brakes the way you suggested..although I took off the rear brake drums and had someone push the brake pedal, only the front piston moved, the rear didn't budge. I did only check the rear right brake so I'll have to check the other ones another...
  11. Having brake issues and burning oil

    I don't know much about drum brakes, do you know how to check if the drum brakes are sticking? Thanks
  12. Having brake issues and burning oil

    I finally got my 1988 ranger running, there are a couple problems I'm now having.. The most notable problem, the brakes are having issues..it's worth noting this truck hasn't been driven in probably over 10 years. Anyways, it feels like the brakes aren't disengaging completely, I can definitely...
  13. Violent shaking around 1100 rpm

    The fan doesn't seem to be on a belt, it looks like it's attached directly to the upper pulley.
  14. Violent shaking around 1100 rpm

    Yeah I did check spark plugs yesterday, they were all black and had soot on them..the gap was way off as if it hadn't even been adjusted when they were installed. That did fix the idle from jumping up and down too.
  15. Violent shaking around 1100 rpm

    I've noticed my ranger (1988 XLT super cab 2wd 2.9l v6) shakes the truck a lot when it idles around 1100, sometimes the idle speed goes down to 900 and it feels smooth but when RPM's are between 1100-1600, it vibrates a lot, if the hood is open the hood very noticeably shakes and you can see the...
  16. How to remove fuel injectors?

    Okay thanks I appreciate it
  17. How to remove fuel injectors?

    It's time I get the fuel injectors on my 2.9l V6 cleaned..how do I remove to fuel injectors to get them cleaned..do I need to remove the intake manifold? Thanks in advance
  18. What fuel tanks on 88 ranger with dual tanks?

    Is the plastic cap on the front of the tank necessary? I couldn't find a brand new 14.5 gallon tank for the front so I replaced it with a 17 gallon tank although I couldn't get that plastic piece on the outside of the tank, it's not gonna cause any issues down the road is it?
  19. What fuel tanks on 88 ranger with dual tanks?

    Oh okay cool thanks for the tip, I may have to do that for the rear tank if I can't find a replacement
  20. What fuel tanks on 88 ranger with dual tanks?

    It's dual tanks from factory, not modified, so the tire isn't even underbed, it's bolted and locked to the inside of the bed. I'm not sure if a 17 gallon tank would fit where the 14.5 gallon tank is supposed to go

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