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  1. Fairly sure I ruined new cam

    So yesterday at pull a part I was in search of a 94 or earlier cam to swap into my 95. I found one and to my dismay also found out that it was a slide in rather then bolt in cam:bawling:. So I had to on the spot figure out how to remove it and in the process I think I nicked one of the bearing...
  2. Cluster swap issues

    Ok so today I put an 01 Mazda b series cluster in my 95 ranger. I have 2 obvious issues. My tach is not reading properly which I'm assuming is because the cluster is from a v6 and mine is 4cyl. Also my temp gauge is staying at 3/4 of the way up the gauge. Any help is greatly appreciated
  3. Ignition bezel

    Ok so probably dumb question but the little piece you stick your key in that Makes it so much easier to turn... How do I get off I'm at pull a part and I can't figure it out.
  4. overhead console questions

    ok so im going to pull-a-part today to get a few things and id like to put in an overhead console however im wanting one from like an f150 or explorer or something with a digital thermometer. Is there one that you guys would recomend for a 95 ranger? And does anyone know what all i will need to...

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