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  1. 88 2.9 fuel problems, and questions ***HELP***

    as of 2-15-16 replaced the FPR This is 2nd FPR in 4 months, also drained the fuel and replaced the fuel , { knowing last time I put fuel in was at least 9 months ago} it was very cold on the 15th like 18 degrees, working on it outside, went to start it and same thing, however on the 17th i...
  2. 88 ranger , now cranks but no start

    the other day I started my 88 Ranger,with a 2.9 liter engine, granite for a half hour ran slightly rough because it has a header leak, went to start it the other day and ran for 30 seconds progressively getting worse stalled, went to started yesterday and it just would not startI did swap the...
  3. gassy oil after 6 FI replacement on 88 2.9

    I went to start truck, and and ran like crap for 20 secs, then nothing wouldnt re-start. pulled the stick, and u could just smell gas and oil very thinned. I changed oil and yes heavy gas aroma. changed with a thicker oil + half a btl of Lucas. checked the brake booster hose for gas and saw...

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