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  1. Bill in Arizona

    4.0 and 5r55e from explorer into my’86

    I purchased the ohv engine. Probably a mistake? What do you think? I could go out and find an sohc.
  2. Bill in Arizona

    4.0 and 5r55e from explorer into my’86

    Thank you. I purchased the guides
  3. Bill in Arizona

    4.0 and 5r55e from explorer into my’86

    Have a 4.0 and 5r55 from a 4 WD explorer (‘98) any suggestions before I start? I do not have the key from the explorer. Have everything else, except the dash and pedals
  4. Bill in Arizona

    Auto transmission temperature Gauge

    Considering adding a Trans fluid Temperature gauge to my 86 4 x 4 auto trans Ranger. Has anyone else had experience with them? I looked on Amazon,,saw several different styles. Seeking advice
  5. Bill in Arizona

    From Arizona

    I own two Rangers an 86 4x4 for fishing and shooting trips. Also, a 97 work truck for daily use in my contracting business. I've been a member for 5 years. Just don't log on much.
  6. Bill in Arizona

    3.0 intake manifold bolt kit

    anyone know where I can get an intake manifold bolt kit for a 3.0? Rebuilding the top end and mine are pretty cruddy. Looked all over the Internet to no avail. Thanks.
  7. Bill in Arizona

    Valve seat struck piston

    had a valve seat drop on my 97 3.0. Left a little impression in the piston. I can just barely feel the indent with my finger nail. Engine turn over fine with no issue. Sanded it a bit. But the cut is still there. Do I need to worry about this? Anyone else with the same problem or issue? Have...
  8. Bill in Arizona

    86 ranger high and low side connectors

    just finished complete AC rebuild on my 97. Now going to change my 86 over too. I can't find the high and low side connectors like on the 97. Where are they? I used the Enviro Safe R12 R134A replacement. Works great my AC is 42 on these hot 110 degree Arizona days. On the 97 I replaced every...
  9. Bill in Arizona

    Tear Drop Trailer

    I was thinking it would be a great project to build up a smaller scale Airstream style trailer . I know it wouldn't be cheap. but a fun project
  10. Bill in Arizona

    2.9 idle jumps around.. help

    My idle keeps bouncing between 900 and 800 rpm. Dose it every 2 seconds. Now and then it will fall to 500 rpm and die. I have searched everywhere for a vacuum leak. No codes. checked everything. Put a hose clamp on the pvc to manifold vacuum line. It was working perfect staying right at 850 rpm...
  11. Bill in Arizona

    Computer. Which one should I have??

    I have an 1986 ranger STX 4 x 4 with an auto trans, 2.9 . My computer has failed,I need to purchase a new one. The one in my truck says REMAN on it. The part number indicates it is from a different truck. The guy I bought the truck from shopped at junk yards. The truck ran poorly. I can not find...
  12. Bill in Arizona

    Fuel pump (in-tank)only works if I jump the relay

    86 Ranger 2.9 , My in-tank fuel pump only runs if I jump the green fuel relay. I have changed the relay, the ignition switch, jumped the inertia switch, Checked every fuse and inline. Grounds seem to be good everywhere too. I have a code 87 (primary fuel pump failure) code. There is no +12 power...
  13. Bill in Arizona

    rear diff question

    Just pulled the tag off my 86 ranger 4x4, the nubmers on it are as follows, 389c, SL10 A756E16 . I can't find info on them, can anyone help? thank you

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