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  1. Dana 35 TTB seal identification...

    I was incorrect in my spicer part #. Refer to OP; #69 in dana 35 exploded view...ford and spicer both say obsolete so left to junkyard picking
  2. Dana 35 TTB seal identification...

    Believe I may have a part#. Spicer 50492 outer axle dust seal from dennys driveshaft. com Will check back with fitment
  3. Dana 35 TTB seal identification...

    can you reference the #??
  4. In Need of Dimensions

    No luck looking in my literature
  5. In Need of Dimensions

    I have a 1984 Ranger 4wd (must be 4wd to be compatible) and my front cab mounts are gone. No luck finding them online or a parts truck in my area so I've resorted to having some pieces cut on waterjet and fabricated. If anybody could provide measurements from center of mounting hole to the frame...
  6. Wanted 84 ranger cab mount

    Not seeing them... I'm looking for the bracket itself that mounts to the frame

    What's the PPI rating on those out of curiosity? I believe stock are right around 500 PPI

    How did your alignment turn out?

    https://www.therangerstation.com/tech/f-150-coils-for-your-v8-ranger/ In this article the author talks of using F-150 coils to compensate for the added weight of a v8 swapped into a ranger but doesn’t mention model year the coils came from. Does anybody know what year F-150 coil has this dimension?
  10. Wanted 84 ranger cab mount

    Hey there, looking for front cab mounts for single cab long bed '84 ranger. ive been able to find the rear ones on mill supply but no luck with the fronts.

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