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  1. Does the Rock Auto discount still work?

    how much is the discount?
  2. exhaust

    For the time being since I can't find the headers for my v8 1999 ranger. Just how much horse power does the exhaust from an explorer lose compared to headers? I know the round ones are crap so would use the cast ones.
  3. oil pan

    Can anybody tell me what all fords that had the dual hump and dipstick port?
  4. speedometer

    I have a 99 ranger. put 5.0 engine in can you hook up speedometer to the vss in aod transmission ? I was going to do away with computor.
  5. oil pan

    I don't remember where I read it but said you couldn't use the dual hump oil pan on a 99 v8 ranger. Is this true ? What oil pan do most use?
  6. V8 Conversion Headers

    It says you have a 99 . do you know the part # and where did you buy them. what motor mounts did you use and have you got stock cab mounts? Thanks
  7. can i replace my stationary windows with pop out quarter windows ?

    I have a 99 cab with pop open and a 98 without pop out. The pop out looks smaller . I have never taken them out yet because they look different. do they look smaller on your truck?
  8. paint

    about how much clear for two coats?
  9. paint

    about how much clear for two coats? I'm spraying matte clear over epoxy primer. Thanks everone!
  10. paint

    Thanks alot .
  11. paint

  12. paint

    I should of ask how many times you wash your truck.
  13. paint

    When you guys paint your truck how many coats of of clear coat?
  14. paint

    what kind of smart a** reply is this?
  15. paint

    How well does it hold up and does it end up look chalky ?
  16. paint

    how well does it hold up?
  17. Ranger Flare side/ step side bed dimension .

    They are the same and bolt on like the other short beds. But you still need a flare bed to bolt the fenders on.
  18. paint

    If i use the epoxy primer and use matte clear coat will it look like like a matte black paint job?
  19. paint

    Thanks for your reply. Well I was going to use rust oleum flat black enamel. Will it be chalky if clear coated?

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