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  1. New wheels

    I like them how is the ride?
  2. 91 Ranger bodied 5.3 ls swap

    Love the build just saw it...I am like most here and just look at peoples progress and enjoy what they have done...I dont get a lot of comments on my Gasser build here but people are watching it and have had no negative comments..even though it is to radical for most peoples taste...keep posting...
  3. Been a while

    Some one please take away my holes saw's...I have gone insane..slow going but I am almost ready for the drive train to go in
  4. Been a while

    Made a little progress...every Gasser needs a Moon style tank up front...will be using it as an over flow coolant tank instead of for fuel used some angel stock and tubing for the bracket
  5. Been a while

    still pecking away...had to replace the first front axle due to camber being off and way to much money to ship and have fixed..so I found another $40..plus time to repaint and paint costs...also mounted the hood and going to let the paint harden some more before I finish cutting the paint and...
  6. Been a while

    No ...I am not set up to do any thing but real simple stuff any more...more than half of this job was spray bomb done...and a nail gun compressor to do the clear...not near enough to do it right...but I make due with what is on hand...used to do a lot of paint work back in the day...art...
  7. Been a while

    Well I have gotten around to painting the hood...went old school with some thing that was popular in the early 70's...not done yet still have to wet sand to level the art work and then another couple of coats more of clear
  8. Been a while

    got the primer coat on today...I will be doing a faux rivet and panel design to hide the bolted and panel bonded scoop part line.......molding on to the alloy hood was not an option due to the flex of the hood and a huge difference in expansion rates
  9. Been a while

    Well it has been a while...but I am still picking away at the truck...my house projects have slowed down the progress a lot...did not like the 4 inch dropped axle so I hunted down a genuine Ford 1937 axle and converted from behind spring to over the axle type...it moved the front wheels further...
  10. Been a while

    well it is back apart for painting things
  11. Drag Truck - The Danger Ranger

    way cool hard run video...me likes
  12. Been a while

    Well I have been back at it.... still have some work to do but the pictures tell the story...
  13. Been a while

    Well I am back at it...slow going with other summer to do stuff...I am working up my new cross member for the transverse axle...got it mostly hacked out, still have to do a little more shaping and rounding corners...I hate sharp stuff at my age
  14. Been a while

    Been busy but I did do some thing crazy...to the truck.. I decided to go with a suicide front axle, still doing frame mods so the center section can support the truck with out bending or breaking...got it figured out I am making up brackets as I go had to make a new trans cross member to attach...
  15. Been a while

    Well I am back at it...made some brackets that will help in the frame horn department...they go along side the frame and under as well...right at the weak spot near the cross member...made from flat stock...still have to make a pattern for the holes...also finished up the moon tank
  16. New Wheels 1989 cobra ranger

    Nice work...great detail work as well... wheels are perfect for the stance of your truck...Good to see your in Cali...you can then get away with the heat delete
  17. Been a while

    Was able to get out into the shop today...made all the support brackets for my tank...cut my cross bar...last week I made the end caps for the center bar on my drill press, used two different size hole saws to make a step to center it and hold it to the center pipe... mounted it in an arbor and...
  18. Been a while

    Been slow going but I am back at it...every gasser needs a moon tank wart on the front...making up brackets for mine...it will tuck and tilt back in a little since grille is just hanging there and not back on its mounts
  19. Been a while

    So here is what I been working on
  20. Stealerships

    Adsmo8, I have the right to use that term. I worked all departments of major dealerships, service and parts manager as well as writing service and wrenching, and as a partsman, also did warranty claims, 30 years worth and five different dealerships, I have seen what goes on behind the curtain...

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