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  1. 2.9l Ticks when I press on the gas

    My 92 ranger 2.9l has a ticking noise that has been bugging me. It is consistent with engine speed, but is only audible when the gas pedal is pressed. It does not matter how fast I am going, or if the engine is hot or cold. I would describe the sound as a really loud clicky pen. I can add about...
  2. camber bushing question. 92 ranger

    I have a 1992 ford ranger stx with a Dana 35 axle. I installed a 1.75 inch coil spacer which caused positive camber. It currently has a bushing that is not adjustable. Will the adjustable bushing on the market fit a truck that is not originally equipped with such a bushing? Also, will I need to...
  3. 1992 4wd module issue

    hello, I have 1992 ranger stx. I have had troubles with the 4wd. first it was the module which I replaced, then it was the hubs which i replaced. All was working fine until now. I am not sure what is going on, it could be the t-case shift motor or just the module again, because water sometimes...

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