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  1. engine heater for the winter

    new to me, 1997 ranger pu with the 2.3 4cy., M5OD. need to get an engine heater on it for the winter. not sure which is better: the flat, stick-on oil pan heater magnet oil pan heater immersion heater that replaces the oil pan drain plug any of the above would be preferable to a freeze plug...
  2. lower radiator hose diameter?

    hi. needing to know the diameter of the lower radiator hose in my 1997 ranger 2.3. will be another week before i can get a manual and i found a FREE 2" lower radiator hose heater for the coming winter. just wanted to know if it's going to fit so i can get it done this weekend. i didn't see...
  3. ford M151

    hi. are the engines in the Ford M151's of the Vietnam era the same as the 2.5's used in rangers? :icon_confused:
  4. thanks for the B'Day banner!

    big thanks to Jim and TRS for my birthday banner. this is my 61st and i think i'll just put myself on hold here for a few years and see what happens. :rolleyes:
  5. explorer spring swap... did i screw up?

    did the explorer springs on the rear of my 1st gen ranger. springs were from a '93 4 door i didn't flip the centering bolts. when i set them on the stock lift blocks, the bolt & nut on the bottom of the spring went right into the centering hole, no problem. is there any other reason to flip...
  6. air cleaner assy. question

    sometimes my throttle linkage will catch on some part of the bottom of my air cleaner assy. it might be that the aftermarket cruise control bracket might be part of the problem, idk. so i'm looking for a riser or a whole new air cleaner assy. to fix the problem. ok, near as i can measure, the...
  7. any astrophysicists here?

    just have a (probably) simple question that i've never seen an answer to. on the tv science channels and books i've read, the universe has been described as being finite... having a beginning and an end to it. now, i've also seen and read that at the center of black holes, a burned out star...
  8. new springs w/o llifting my 1st gen

    1st gen ranger swb, 4x4. dd with minimal off road stuff. but i do carry loads in the bed and pull trailers with it. needing new(er) springs for sure. really don't want to lift it any. what would be the way to go? 63" chev springs, stock mounting points and remove the blocks, if all that...
  9. anyone making plans for "The End"?

    yep, end of the world, 12/21/12. or so they say. :sad: i'm thinking of making a trip down to New Mexico for the event. AREA 51 just seems the right place to be for whatever is coming. :icon_twisted: any one else headed that way, maybe do a convoy from northern Minnesota all the way down to...
  10. 2.8 ? swap dilema

    seems i have to pull my 2.8. needs rear main seal, oil pan gasket, and all the rest of them that can be gotten to easily without rebuilding the motor. it does run well now, gets me 21 mpg and cruises well on the freeway. as it's coming out, is now the time to replace it with a different...
  11. cooking deer meat

    kinda suprised no one has mentioned canning venison. with the seasoning added during the canning process, much of the 'gaminess' is cooked right out. i use it like roast beef when opening a jar. great on sandwiches, with potatoes and gravy, in pasta dishes, etc. just a thought.
  12. 5 speed auto?

    while looking for a truck, came upon a 1999 Ranger, 4x4, 4.0, 5 speed automatic tranny. did they have 5 speed autos in those? this isn't an FX4 or anything like that, just an extended cab.
  13. best locker for ford 9 28 spline

    i vote Detroit. if it's true that the new ones don't seem to be as good, then go for an older used one in really good condition. that's what i did and got for $200 and it was in excellent shape and i've had no problems with it at all. quiet, strong, and locks up fast when you need it.
  14. which transmission do i have??

    ok, 1983 ranger, 2.8, 5 speed. the 5 speed replaced the original 4 speed. 5 speed came from a b2. on mine, the shifting forks are only accessible by removing the bottom cover. most of the threads about forks problems say to get to them by removing the shifter cover. can't get to them that...
  15. lift/light laws article

    Scotty J found a great lift/light laws article that would do well in the tech library, imho. here is the link to his thread: http://www.therangerstation.com/forums/showthread.php?t=92252 any else agree/disagree? guess we would need copyright approvals? idk about such things really.
  16. shattered my femur/knee

    get ready for lots of hassles going thru metal detectors!! otherwise, glad you're doing well.
  17. gas not getting to carb, sputters and dies while driving

    ok, drives great, engine very smooth. but after a couple of miles, sometimes less, it just sputters a little and dies. when i pump the gas numerous times, there is no gas getting to the carb... no smell of gas and none seeping around the intake. replaced fuel pump and the filter that goes...
  18. hub interchage question

    anyone know if the jeep/scout dana 27 has the same spline count as the ford dana 28? found some hubs from a scout that would go well with my truck, but not sure if they will fit. thanks.
  19. manual hub interchange question

    anyone know if the manual hubs from a jeep/scout dana 27 will fit on the ford dana 28? don't know if the spline count is the same or not. thanks. sorry, wrong forum. i'll repost in the correct one. mods, feel free to delete this.
  20. Multitool/Knife check!

    i'll never check a bag, too expensive for sure! i'll just mail it ahead to friends or buy another one when i get there if i'm going for a long trip.

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