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  1. jrpdash9

    My friend rolled his ranger today

    Sorry but I had to post this before I got pics. My friend was passing a semi in his 04 ext cab and was blown into the meddien he rolled the truck 5 times before it came to a stop. He walked away with a broken wrist . I thank god he is still alive . I plan on taking pics first thing tomorrow when...
  2. jrpdash9

    Whats a fair price

    I got a good 3.0 with a good auto and tansfer case. What u guys think they are worth? 140k well maintained..... Sent from my SAMSUNG-SGH-I997 using Tapatalk 2
  3. jrpdash9

    2000 ranger ext cab

    this is my 2000 ranger thats soon to have a Mercedes benz om 617 diesel. here are a couple of pics of it in action and some damage i suffered at Yankee lake.DETAILS:modified 3.0 with 4.10 gears and limited slip maxed torsion bars . sitting on cooper discover s/tt (awesome tires) custom made...
  4. jrpdash9

    2.9 fuel pumps dont shut off when priming

    so i started my b2 today knowing it needed gas and i was accily going to get some. i started it moved it shut it off came back out when to start it again and the fuel pumps just ran. so i emptyed 5 gallons of gas in it thinking ok its empty and its still doing it. and fuel is getting to the fuel...
  5. jrpdash9

    88 b2 o/d is hit or miss (a4ld)

    hello. like the title says my over drive has been hit or miss lately. if it works it will work the whole drive. and visa versa. it has enough fluid and the tranny only has 5k on a rebuild. any ideas where i need to look at
  6. jrpdash9

    yankee lake fun then breaking it

    so went out to yankee lake. the ranger did awesome. pulled a few jeeps out and a explorer. did awesome. till i took one last run. ya hit a straight up ledge and collapsed my front suspension and bent steering components and took out the alternator thats all well and dandy but i had to drive it...
  7. jrpdash9

    Lincoln finally blew out a seal

    So my 94 Lincoln markviii finally blew a seal. First time it's ever happen to me. She isn't much to look at but under the hood she is a little tweaked. Between a gear change, and other proformance mods she is pushing 350hp and close to 400 lb of torque. So back to my story. I was getting on the...
  8. jrpdash9

    8b2 leaking in the front of the cab any ideas?

    so i got a 1988 b2 in near mint shape but its leaking in the front somewhere. ik they tend to leak on the side windows but i have no ideas what it could be on the front. any ideas?
  9. jrpdash9

    anybody else run into this u joint issue

    i got a 2002 with a aluminum drive shaft. the u joints are for a 93-99 ranger non aluminum shaft. any body else run into this problem
  10. jrpdash9

    where can i put a oil temp sensor for a gauge( 3.0)at

    hello, i have a 2000 ranger 3.0 and im trying to hook up a oil temp gauge. i have no idea where i should put it at any ideas
  11. jrpdash9

    88 b2 random shut down, takes awile to restart

    hello, so i bought this b2 with a 2.9 with a fuel problem. the guy had replaced a crap load of stuff ( it was restored and the engine and tran was rebuilt) it would run so long and shut down. it was the fuel pump relay. ran great for a week. then the day i had the ranger apart i took the b2 to...
  12. jrpdash9

    proud new owner

    pics from the day i picked it up
  13. jrpdash9

    proud new owner

    i am the proud new owner of a 1988 b2 fully restored. not one spot of rust. about 126k ish miles. 1500 miles on a engine and tranny rebuild (2.9 with a4ld manual t case and hubs) . matalic blue, black fender flairs. guess what i payed for this beast. $1900 :yahoo: :icon_cheers:
  14. jrpdash9

    trying to find out what how i should do this any advice?

    so im doing this build and im doing a explorer axle swap on a project and im getting rid of the leaf spring for some air bags( no its not a low rider its a lifted rig, i got air bags from a semi :icon_cheers: ) and going with a link set up... im trying to find the best way to link the axle to...
  15. jrpdash9

    4r44e(3.0 auto) : how many miles have you gone until u hit trouble

    i was wondering how many miles people have gone on a factory 3.0 tranny untill they had trouble:icon_confused:
  16. jrpdash9

    stupid rocker panel question

    ok i gotta realy stupid question. where can i find rocker panels for my ranger? i swear no one has them its a 2000 ext cab
  17. jrpdash9

    official build thread for project "coal miner"

    hey everyone thanks for looking at my build. this project is called project "coal miner" this truck is going to be a diesel power ranger and it gonna roll coal. Hence "coal miner" :) i have a 2000 ext cab step side with a 3.0. The only thing I am reusing off that frame is the body. The new...
  18. jrpdash9

    planing engine swap new gears needed. advice wanted

    planing a engine swap with a engine that puts out 300 lb of torque give or take and im planing on putting bigger tires on it im thinking 35's. i was wondering if my factory 4.10's would still be a good choice or get a higher set or lower set any one know
  19. jrpdash9

    would like some advice

    hi, im planing on putting bigger tires on my ranger. i have 4.10 gears with a auto 3.0. i was thinking 35's. now idk if it would have the power to get up hills on the road or not and was wondering if any one knew what it would be like or a better size. btw to the floor it will climb a descent...
  20. jrpdash9

    pulls to the left when you hit the brakes (yes it is aligned)

    ok my ranger has always done this but its getting worse. it pulls to the left when you hit the brakes or when you just let you hands off the wheel. ive had it alined twice. anyone know what it could be

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