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  1. InsaneRedRooster

    Stuck in a snowstorm

    In arkansas on 30 west towards texarkana. This is the first time I've driven in the snow. I'm not sure what the deal is with the traffic, backed up pretty far.
  2. InsaneRedRooster

    3.0 electrical problem

    Hi all, back again with problems. I went out to start the truck today, turned the key from off to run, dash lights came on, radio turned on, fuel pump primed. Turned the key to start it and i got a "click" and then Nothing. All the dash lights went out, radio cut off, etc. etc. the battery is...
  3. InsaneRedRooster

    Dana 35 IFS question.

    Ok, so to my understanding the TTB Dana 35 is a high pinion reverse cut unit and the IFS Dana 35 is a low pinion standard cut unit. My question is does the cut affect actual direction of rotation? The reason I ask is I have a 1354 transfer case out of a 94 ranger, will it work with a later model...
  4. InsaneRedRooster

    08 escape light

    So I have an employee with an 08 escape with a light in the cluster showing a car with a bolt next to it. Sorry, I have no time to research this at work. Anyone know what it is? Sent from my LS670 using Tapatalk 2
  5. InsaneRedRooster

    03 speedometer problem

    So my speedometer started acting funny today. when I'm stopped the speedo will slowly fluctuate between 0 and 15mph, however when I gain any speed it will operate normally. The Tech library and sticky thread seem to have some conflicting information on this subject. Does the PCM get the vehicle...
  6. InsaneRedRooster

    Quick question

    So I was hauling a 9 inch rearend up a pretty steep hill today on an interstate. When I got about halfway up the hill the A/C quit (it was HOT outside) and When I got to the top it turned back on. My question is, is there a relay that kills the A/C when I get past a certain engine load? I know...
  7. InsaneRedRooster

    2009 KIA Rio A/C troubles.

    Sister just called me saying her A/C quit working. She was in a parking lot idling and said she heard a click and that the A/C stopped blowing. She also said there's a bad smell. I'm thinking a belt broke, but I'm also thinking its a serpentine belt setup, so its possible she has no alternator...
  8. InsaneRedRooster

    Are the different motors for the ranger equally good?

    3.0 getting same gas mileage as 4.0? I'm sorry I have to call BS I've gotten as good as 20mpg city with a light foot, my friends 4.0 is like 17 on a good day Sent from my PC36100 using Tapatalk
  9. InsaneRedRooster

    2003 to 98-00 front grille conversion

    Hi all, this is my first post here but I read post's here frequently Anyways I recently converted my 2003 edge front grille to the 98-00 style and thought I would do write up for anyone interested Here's how the truck looked for a long time, the 98-00 grille on the newer style header Panel (I...

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