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  1. .38spl

    What mounts are the easiest

    I started with Fox Vert mounts, ended up with a contraption that moved the engine 1.5" forward and 1" up, along with redrilling the crossmember because the Vert mounts didn't line up with anything whatsoever. I am using a stock 5.0 F150 oil pan. I've also slid the engine forward enough that my...
  2. .38spl

    Wanted Bronco II Driver's Side Door / Window Regulator Assembly

    If you're still needing this, call or text me at 270.206.2418. I have a few doors to pick one from.
  3. .38spl

    Wanted 1st Gen. Doors w/vent windows

    I've got some in Eddyville KY if youre still on the hunt.
  4. .38spl

    Wanted Dash/gauge cluster with tach for 87 BII 4X4

    If youre still on the hunt, I've got one. suwanneespeed@gmail.com
  5. .38spl

    Carbureted 302

    A running F150 or fullsize Bronco makes a good donor. First off, it's really nice to see everything run before you pull it to swap into yours. Also keeps you from having to hunt for a transmission. The BW 1345 transfer case from the 1980- 1996 or so trucks is too wide to fit inside your frame...
  6. .38spl

    4.10 gears on limited slip 7.5 differential

    My 7.5 came from a 1985 2.8 Ranger, and is a factory 4.10 L/S. It has a notched pin, I'm assuming is factory.
  7. .38spl

    Wanted Rear Axle Cover, 7.5, With Drain and Fill Plug

    I've added plugs to my stock cover.
  8. .38spl

    Simple things you hate doing?

    Wiper blades. And I never change them unless it's raining. Masking before paint.
  9. .38spl

    Off-road MYTHS part 1

    Even loaded down with camping gear for five people, a full kitchen, and 5 kayaks, this trailer does not have enough weight on it to fully take advantage of the springs. I have to air down, or even my wimpy little 2.9 Bronco will turn that trailer into a kite.
  10. .38spl

    Engine ticking

    The only way to stop a 2.9 from ticking is to turn off the key!
  11. .38spl

    Hello from KY

    Welcome from Kuttawa KY
  12. .38spl

    Wanted 87 BII Driver's Side Rear Bumper Pad

    I've got one in Western KY. I'll ship it for 30.
  13. .38spl

    Recommend me a bumper

    AOR's stuff looks really good. I've built similar bumpers for others, and I can't hardly touch their prices for something comparable.
  14. .38spl

    Snake oil

    Blue Devil coolant system/ block sealer. Put some in a 5.9 Dodge with a leaky head gasket, and it’s still working good 25k miles later.
  15. .38spl

    TRS Race Truck

    I’m in Western KY, not far from Nashville though. If there’s anything going on in this area, im down.
  16. .38spl

    1952 Ford 8N worth restoring?

    This was my great grandfathers TO20. Not the same as an 8N, but close. Works good as an overgrown lawn mower, driveway grader, and for moving heavy-ish stuff with the boom pole. Also lots of fun for general backroads prowling.
  17. .38spl

    4.0 swap ahead

    “Truths” I’ve read here: * You can’t run 33’s on a 7.5 *You can’t run 33’s on a Dana 28. All these rigs are on stock axles, running 33-35” tires. Everything you read here says not to. Ive talked to guys running 7.5/D28 under 302 and 351’s. It’s all in how you drive it. Be gentle. I really...
  18. .38spl

    Catching up: My Bronco II build thread

    I was on a run there for a little bit. It’s been pretty dry lately.
  19. .38spl

    First gen body parts

    $30 each My bad. I thought y’all referred to them as first gen up until the first full re-design in 93.
  20. .38spl

    Sway bar bracket

    I’ll check.

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