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  1. booblinker

    4.0 sohc, ready for timing parts, what should I pay

    I took the motor out, and have it ready for timing parts. I have the tool and all parts, what should I pay to have it put together? I should just do it myself, but I am scared too.
  2. booblinker

    Checking for bent valve sohc V6

    I have the head off and can see small marks on the pistons, but no marks on the valves. I have the head flipped upside down, is pouring water into the valve port and it not leaking down mean the valves are good? Or should I just replace them. This is where I tried pouring brakleen and it...
  3. booblinker

    4.0 SOHC new timing parts, running on one side.

    I got an 01 Ex cab 4.0 4x4 for $100. Story is, it had new timing parts put in, ran perfect for a little while(not sure how long) now it will start but runs on one side only. Where do I start? I'm assuming compression test would be the best place to start. Are these interference motors? If...
  4. booblinker

    Can't get rear "chrome" wheels off 03 ranger 2wd

    I have tried heat, hammer, pry bar, deep creep. They are stuck!!!! Any ideas? I am tomorrow after 24 hours of having deep creep in them it will come apart. But if not, what are other Ideas to get it apart? They are this style wheel
  5. booblinker

    03 Ranger front bumper bolt size head size.

    I bought an 03 Ranger 2wd. It has no front bumper or brackets. Planning to go to the junkyard and get one. I am trying to figure out what tools I will need to get the braket to frame bolts off. Plan to bring more tools than I need. But would like to know I have what I need for sure.
  6. booblinker

    Did timing cover gasket now no start.

    Timing cover was pissing coolant, replaced it over a weeks time, got it all done an the starter just clicks. I pulled that starter and it bench tests perfect, I have looked all over ad don't see a missed connection. I'd there something hidden that I missed?
  7. booblinker

    93ranger radio wiring

    The PO cut the wiring instead of putting an adapter plug, then kept the old Radio. Anyone have a dagrahm of what wire is what?
  8. booblinker

    2 issues, starter and start and keep running Issue

    1993 Ranger 3.0 4x4. First issue is what I am assuming is I need a starter. It turns over really slow the first couple revolutions, then starts turning over faster after like 2-3 seconds. Second issue is, when cold It starts and stall the first two times, then the third it starts and will idle...
  9. booblinker

    Can I get the Frame bracket for my cab mount on a 93 Ranger

    I have a 93 Reg cab Ranger, cab mounts on the body look great, but the bracket that it bolts too is shot on both side in the rear of the cab. It looks like they are riveted on. I am wondering if someone makes a bolt on bracket, or if I'm gonna have to have my buddy fab them. This is the...
  10. booblinker

    Project I'm cheap as Hell

    I am hoping to have her on leveled on 31x10.50r15 Mud Terrains for under $1200. This is the start, I paid $400 for it, 4x4 3.0 5 speed manual The reason I got it so cheap, it needs a bed. The bed I got for $150, the wrecked bed is missing 4 bolts, and the other 2 are loose, so the bed swap...
  11. booblinker

    93 3.0 5 speed stx, getting it cheap

    93 3.0 5 speed stx, only paid $400 3.0 5 speed 4x4 stx
  12. booblinker

    p0171 and p0174

    1997 Ranger 4.0 5 speed. Losing coolant (1/8 gallon in 1500 miles), rough idle, and will bog right after started sometimes, also only getting about 12-13 MPG. Lower intake manigfold gasket? Fuel rail to intake manifold gasket?
  13. booblinker

    Trailer wiring issue. brake light and turn signal don't work with head light on

    The brake light and turn signals work when the headlights are off, but when I turn the headlights on, the turn signals and brake light no longer do anything, it just stays lit. Trailer lights are 2 wire, dual filament, and ground to frame.
  14. booblinker

    Not new but finally getting back into rangers

    After not having a ranger for a few years I find myself back buying another one, put a deposit on it today, but not picking it up until next month, unless I sell me sonoma sooner. I'm picking up a rust free 1997 ranger 4.0 4x4 5 speed, I know rust free doesnt mean alot to most of you, but...
  15. booblinker

    Putting a deposit on this tomorrow

    In michigan finding a truck this rust free is next to impossible, so this for 2,750 is a good deal. 4.0 5 speed 4x4, didn't really want a flare side, guess I'll have to buy a trailer to load the 3 wheelers. I am excited to sell My GM and get a Ford again
  16. booblinker

    What years does this intake manifold fit?

    I have a factory Ford OEM Intake Manifold assembly. I am looking to sell it since the Ranger is long gone and I drive a Chevy now :bawling:(which BTW broke down last night) Anyways I know it fit my 93 Ranger 3.0, but I can't find anything the tell me all the years it fit. Ford Part # is...
  17. booblinker

    trans interchansbilty question

    I have a1993 ranger 3.0 4x4, what shhifter assemlies will fit it?
  18. booblinker

    02 Tauras Need help

    Running like crap, has a cel on. I found a broken vacuum line but can't find where the hell it goes, its an 02 taurus 3.0 ohv. If any oen has oen and can tell me where it oges, or even better yet take a pic of it.
  19. booblinker

    WTF did I do wrong with video

    Just rebuild the motor, Won't start and sounds weird when turning over. No loud noises just not right and it won't even try to fire. I think I might have timed it 180 0ff. Here is a video.
  20. booblinker

    Head help?

    I rebuilt the motor on a 1.9 liter escort motor. I now need to put the head and bottom end together, and I'm trying to line up the timing marks. How do I spin the cam so I can line up the timing marks? Do I need to loosen the rockers so it can spin freely?

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