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  1. Str8sixfan

    Toyo mt vs good year wrangler mt vs mikey Baja mtr

    Looking for mileage testimonials. Have had plenty of friends run toyo open country m/ts and get around 40k out of them. But they're pricey. I see a lot of guys on here with the Goodyear wrangler mts and I think I've seen similar mileage reports. What about the mikey Thompson Baja mtr? Anyone...
  2. Str8sixfan

    PO171 code

    I've had this one before. Not sure I ever took care of it. It's 'Left Bank Lean' which would make sense on a v6. I tracked down on the interwebs that it was the pre-cat O2 sensor, but I think I had a different problem because that fixed the issue for like 2 weeks and the CEL was back on...
  3. Str8sixfan

    paceserrer header

    Anyone get one of these to work on the later years? I want to say they list them as working only up to the 1991 model. I have a 97 and am redoing my exhaust soon.
  4. Str8sixfan

    D30 lower link tabs

    Sorry...I've still been doubting this ever since the reply...I climbed under an xj and it's really really hard to tell. It has to be off of parallel by like 2*, because the naked eye almost can't tell. I did find this thread, and it seems to confirm...
  5. Str8sixfan

    Dana 30 swap info for all

    It's hard. You have to understand how a solid axle works. Inevitably there will be little things you forget a long the way. But so much of it depends on what you start with too, in order to know where you're going...and if you're like me you can take one step back to take two steps forward
  6. Str8sixfan

    just another bad mpg thread

    So here's what I've done to the truck in the last almost 2 years. Mileage started dropping when a check engine light came on in August of 2011. Right before that I was getting 23.5mpg fairly consistently highway miles. Pulled the PO171 code, ended up replacing the pre-cat O2 sensor. Took care...
  7. Str8sixfan

    Another dash light q

    It would appear to me there are like 3 banks of lights on my 97 ranger. The middle has gone out, which takes out most of the speedometer. So would it be a light, or do those almost never go out? Does a fuse take care of that type of thing?
  8. Str8sixfan

    D30 lower link tabs

    Really? I thought both were...oh well that makes it easy
  9. Str8sixfan

    D30 lower link tabs

    When the guy I got my axle from took the axle out, I don't know if he robbed the link tabs for his new axle set-up or if he just couldn't get the arms out easily due to rust. Either way he plasma'd or torched off the tabs from the axle tube. It's my understanding these links actually angle...
  10. Str8sixfan

    Dana 30 set-up bearings

    the more and more I googled this question I found similar responses on XJ forums. This is likely the route I'll go. The pinion set-up bearings are ridiculous. In fact if I had to buy a sacrificial brand new bearing to hone out if we damage my old stock bearings upon removal...that would still...
  11. Str8sixfan

    Dana 30 set-up bearings

    Bought a set of G2 gears with a master install kit. The guy helping me with the install (essentially doing it for free for me), requested I at least hook him up with a pinion-set-up bearing. At eastcoastgearsupply.com they only sell the carrier set-up-bearings. Did a google search and am...
  12. Str8sixfan

    looking for criticism, welding

    http://www.olderfseries.net/forum/viewtopic.php?f=11&t=7323 Reference the other thread I started elsewhere, but I just started goofing around with my welder, and I will take any advice I can get
  13. Str8sixfan

    Dana 30 Qs

    what do you know...yes there were new carrier bolts in my master install kit! I feel a little dumb, but ok. I feel better now.
  14. Str8sixfan

    Dana 30 Qs

    well from the hardware store anyway....I found some that were same size in all dimensions except milimeters longer. I've hacked off nuts before, but this is not a place where I'd feel comfortable doing such a thing. A ring gear seems to have more of a "precise" feel to it than other tasks I've...
  15. Str8sixfan

    Dana 30 Qs

    So yes, I confirmed one had the flange slightly closer to the center. It appeared to be closer to an 1/8" visually. Thanks again. Now onto the ring/carrier bolt. Any clue where to turn?
  16. Str8sixfan

    Dana 30 Qs

    hmm, I'll have to go take a look. Thanks for the info. My memory says the flange is about in the same spot, but I may have to look closer.
  17. Str8sixfan

    Dana 30 Qs

    I bought what was supposed to be a 3.73+ carrier for my 4.56s off of craigslist, but next to the old carrier, I can't tell a difference between the two (other than the old one was covered in oil, new one was clean). How can I visually tell the difference between the two? I'm worried I was...
  18. Str8sixfan

    Anyone do the O'Reiley's gift card for recycled oil offer?

    On April 30th I was due for an oil change. So to keep the costs of my SAS down I decided to buy against the brand I usually put in my truck and spend a little more than I normally would to get the Valvoline oil that uses recycled oil some how. Anyway O'Reiley's was doing a special that if you...
  19. Str8sixfan

    once a trac-loc always a trac-loc?

    I was curious if I sourced a junkyard ranger 8.8 already equipped with say a 3.55 trac-loc rear end, could I buy new gears for it to match what I want (4.56 or 4.88) and still keep the trac-loc aspect of it, or would I have to buy a whole new limited slip pack for the new gears?
  20. Str8sixfan

    D30 brake upgrade options

    Took the plunge, picked up a pair of WJ knuckles today.

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