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  1. baadboy11

    Ranger vs. Dodge

    Go little ranger GO!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NYyLRrvR39I&feature=haxa_popt02us01 If you get bored the end is the best part:icon_twisted:
  2. baadboy11

    H10 bulb connector

    Howdy ya'll I want to build a wiring harness for some fog lights for my girls mustang. I need the male connector that connects to an h10 bulb, but I can't for the life of me find them anywhere. Ford wants like $30-$40....Anyone got any ideas. thanks
  3. baadboy11

    Wiring diagram check

    Hey guys just want to get my wiring diagram checked before I try to install it. the switches i want to use are on-off-on. Thanks for the help!!
  4. baadboy11

    Switch for driving lights.

    Hey guys I want to wire a switch that will do three things to my aux. driving lights... 1. turn them on when high beams are on 2.turn them off completely 3. turn them on by themselves. My question...what kind of switch do i need SPDT center off...or DPDT center off...or???? Thanks for the help...
  5. baadboy11

    Need some honest opinions!

    Alright so i've been truck hunting since my ranger got wrecked and have found a couple of things. 1. Why are Toyota tacomas so expensive. 2. Why are Dodge rams so cheap. I've kinda narrowed it down to an 07 four door tacoma for $27000 (probably get it down) or a full size truck which are...
  6. baadboy11

    What to buy now?

    This wasn't getting any attention so i'll try it here...:bye: Well as ya'll know I totaled my ranger, so now i'm in the hunt for a new truck and need some opinions. I would love a new ranger but I am leaning towards a four door pickup because I usually need to haul people around...sooooo My...
  7. baadboy11

    What to buy now...

    Well as ya'll know I totaled my ranger, so now i'm in the hunt for a new truck and need some opinions. I would love a new ranger but I am leaning towards a four door pickup because I usually need to haul people around...sooooo My choices 1. Toyota Tacoma crew cab 2. Nissan Frontier crew cab...
  8. baadboy11

    My Baby Just died tonight

    Damn lady was turning left and i was goin straight...i'm really sore now.:black_eye:
  9. baadboy11

    Backup light issue.

    Ok so i wired up some backup lights using the diagram in the tech library, and they come on in reverse, but the switch they are also wired to doesn't turn them on or off....any ideas whats wrong? I know the switch works so i think something is connected to the relay incorrectly... Thanks
  10. baadboy11

    What would you Do?

    Alright guys i've got a ranger sitting in a storage unit with a blown tranny just eating up money in rent...Its not worth anything to sell as the trans costs about as much as the trucks worth...what would ya'll do? 96 4x4 2.3l 5spd. Reg cab long bed...suggestions? :dunno:
  11. baadboy11

    Engine size tax

    Hey not sure if ya'll have seen this but it seems that washington is trying to pass an annual tax based on engine size...once again screwing with blue collar workers and anyone with a truck. http://apps.leg.wa.gov/documents/billdocs/2007-08/Pdf/Bills/Senate%20Bills/6900.pdf :temper:
  12. baadboy11

    Reverse lights

    Hey all, i've decided with my back window tinted i really need to wire up some reverse lights to be safe. Trying to get some ideas, so if anyones got pics of what they've done lets see em!!:icon_bounceblue:
  13. baadboy11

    Wow this just seems like a bad idea

    http://vidsearch.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=vids.individual&videoid=5929275 This is not hydrogen from what i can tell, only good old H2O!:icon_confused:
  14. baadboy11


    Hey all just curious if anyone has any experience with the harbor freight welders? http://www.harborfreight.com/cpi/ctaf/displayitem.taf?Itemnumber=94056 or http://www.harborfreight.com/cpi/ctaf/displayitem.taf?Itemnumber=55167 I know they are probably pretty crappy, but I just need something...
  15. baadboy11

    Wheel frozen?

    Um so it finally is snowing here in colorado, and i went to move my truck and the damn back wheel wont spin, i even drove around for a bit hoping it would bust loose but it still wont spin....WTF? Any suggestions about what i can do? Or what is frozen?
  16. baadboy11

    Probably blown tranny...i think

    So i have a 96 ranger, 2.3 4x4 manual trans, belive its the Mazda M5OD-R1. A while ago driving down the highway it lost power for a second, then when i shifted out of gear i couldn't get it back in...I think its the trans since i cant shift into a gear even when truck is off, and the clutch is...

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