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  1. Casper98

    Let's see what's out there....

    STX/Mazda bed is the same thing
  2. Casper98

    toyota front clip

    The whole point of bagging a truck is to ride as low as possible, With a Toyota clip you get very little camber change through the travel of the suspension. If your competent at welding doing a clip swap with gussets or fish plates it'll just as strong as it would be stock. EDIT: Here's a...
  3. Casper98

    toyota front clip

    Ridiculous amount of Camber is what's wrong with the Ranger's front end! lol
  4. Casper98

    84 Ranger HELP!!!

    I didn't have to drill the bracket, or flip the pin in the center on mine....
  5. Casper98

    shackle flip

  6. Casper98

    2011 Ranger DJM 4/5 Drop

    It's the Ranger lean, you can pull the passenger side spring and trim a little to level it out.
  7. Casper98

    too low?

    No one makes drop spindles for a ranger only drop beams, a arms or springs.
  8. Casper98

    i-beams to a-arms ???

    What do you have against using a yota clip? there are reasons why people use them. They are damn near the same width, same bolt pattern, gets great lift and hardly no camber so you can ride low all the time. If you are thinking about doing a clip swap just SFBD while your at it.
  9. Casper98

    i-beams to a-arms ???

    89-94 Toyota clip would be ideal.... http://www.rangerpowersports.com/forum/f413/why-yota-clip-276232.html http://www.rangerpowersports.com/forum/f413/georgia-peach-257743-8.html http://www.rangerpowersports.com/forum/f413/yota-clip-installation-pictures-279185.html
  10. Casper98

    Let's see what's out there....

    front I've been thinking about getting mine rolled a little my tires are really close to the lip
  11. Casper98

    Let's see what's out there....

    if its possible can you get pics of the inside of your fenders?
  12. Casper98

    Let's see what's out there....

    Looks good pulled bed sides?
  13. Casper98

    I haven't posted pics in a while.....

    Nothing new just washed up the truck and took some pics because I haven't posted some in a while. If the weather stays nice this week I'll get some pics other than in front of my house lol
  14. Casper98

    Who is running a 28" tall tire and with what drop?

    28" tall won't fit with a 4/5 the Ideal size with a 4/5 is 25". With a 28" tall tire you might be able to go 2/2 maybe with slight rubbing.
  15. Casper98

    I need Advice,

    Look up the DJM 4/5 kit, new with shocks runs about $800 http://shop.illusivefabrications.com/lowering-kits/98-ranger-4/5-kit-with-doetsch-nitro-slammer-shocks/
  16. Casper98

    What to do for droppin her low..?

    First of all welcome to TRS, secondly Edge's are a royal pain in the ass to get low. Here's what I posted on another forum it should help you out Why don't you just flip your stock keys to get lower and not buy anything? http://www.explorerforum.com/forums/showthread.php?t=142973...
  17. Casper98

    Looking at a 2-3" drop

    I did the same thing, so technically it's a 4/4 drop lol
  18. Casper98

    Looking at a 2-3" drop

    I'm running 245/40 18's

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