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  1. Rotagotideas

    New doubler 1350/1354 kit?

    Since it seams that either DD Machine has either gone tits up or has found something better to do. Some buzz is being stirred up over at Pirate about a guy making a doubler kit for ranger drivelines. Apparently it can and has taken a beating as 10-15 of them have already been used on rigs back...
  2. Rotagotideas

    For Canadians regarding Bill C-19

    Yes I have learned alot in the last year, I've learned a little bit about exporting a firearm to the usa temporarily for hunting in Michigan. Not so much about import to canada from usa, there is a gun auction every year at Paris Ontario tho so I won't be looking to purchase whole guns from the...
  3. Rotagotideas

    fishing haida gwaii

    :icon_surprised::shok: Holy :icon_twisted::3gears: Horsepower Batman! How many people gave ya the "toss him in the looney bin" look at the ramp? :icon_thumby::beer:
  4. Rotagotideas

    dana 44 ttb

    Question, Can I press out 88 hubs from the rotors and shove 97 hubs in its place on the stock 88 rotors or do i have to go 97 knuckles, brakes, rotors & hubs. Reason for this is the better sealing of the 97 hubs combined with easier parts finding from local parts stores. Also looking for D44...
  5. Rotagotideas

    Let's see your Pre runner pictures!!!!!!!!!

    My truck So here is how my truck is currently, 31's, 3" body lift, 2" leveling spacer, Monroe shocks for STX High-rider ranger in front, 3/4 ton shocks in the rear. Roughly 8" of travel up front :D it was smoother than ya think
  6. Rotagotideas

    The shade tree ranger build

    I am moving my thread over from another forum to TRS Below is what I started with back in early May Okay so it’s a no brainer that the stock ranger does allright down some trails, the occasional not too steep hill climb, and the occasional axle deep mudhole. Where it doesn’t do as good at is...
  7. Rotagotideas

    Canadians, The long gun registry is dead!

    bill C-19 thanks Lonewolf for posting that Bill c-19 has passed. for any other members seeking more info on the bill go here http://parl.gc.ca/HousePublications/Publication.aspx?Language=E&Mode=1&DocId=5506066 for the full text bill
  8. Rotagotideas

    A4LD removal & replace

    Ok so here is a transmission pull out and replace thread. I had an A4LD that went bad; it wouldn't hold OD after driving for 40km. I couldn't find any affordable M5OD-R1's so I looked for another A4LD. Turns out a TRS forum member in the USA had one he was looking to get rid of, $150 later...
  9. Rotagotideas

    Hydraulic clutch line

    how to remove the hydrualic clutch line? I know that there is already a thread on here about it but it has no pictures :annoyed:. Pictures plz! In the process of a 4.0L swap into a 86 and this is hanging us up on both trucks. (the project truck and the donor truck as both trucks have manual...
  10. Rotagotideas

    For Canadians regarding Bill C-19

    I think I will get my restricted license in the future first of all :pray: to Lone Wolf, I am a noob and my interpretations suck, I will no longer post on this thread due to the obvious fact of being a gun law noob. And where can this list of prohibited or restricted weapons be found?
  11. Rotagotideas

    For Canadians regarding Bill C-19

    ball park figure of $1000 for a good AR-15. Overpriced? ya think? 3 reasons why they are classed as prohibited in Canada, > 26" total gun length = prohibited > 18" barrel length < 5 round capacity for semi-auto centerfire rifle = Prohibited though in Ontario we are not allowed more than 3...
  12. Rotagotideas

    For Canadians regarding Bill C-19

    A guy at the local Gun club has a michigan small game licence so he can cross at sarnia and not get detained when bringing his favourite hand loaded rounds with him when he goes up to Sue st Marie to hunt moose. And trade restriction garbage, Amen to that!
  13. Rotagotideas

    For Canadians regarding Bill C-19

    Clairfication and thanks thanks for the clairification on the ammo issue, I've been looking for info on it, If it doesn't say it's legal assume it's not just to be safe :icon_thumby:. I hope that if/when I buy some surplus ammo in a Military can that I don't get the dumb lady with constant PMS...
  14. Rotagotideas

    sas dana 44

    sounds like ya need a shock that has stronger rebound dampening than your current shock
  15. Rotagotideas

    For Canadians regarding Bill C-19

    hey guy's this is just a post for the Canadian gun enthusiasts out there. and for those who don't know that Canada has stupidly restrictive gun laws and a very thorough background check to get a gun license. It is nearly impossible to get any fancy fun stuff like the yanks can blast off...
  16. Rotagotideas

    Bugging Out / Survival

    so far this seems like a pretty interesting thread, interesting posts and interesting characters (the posters themselves) :) Just gonna touch on a little thing that is very key and for the most part ignored... WATER! how many of you have a basement and a sump pump? how many of you have a very...
  17. Rotagotideas

    how to make a 4 banger faster?

    well there are quite a few sites that have 2.3L racing parts for NA engines, there is a circiut where i am from that runs 2.3L mustangs and 4 banger chevettes around a dirt track. they have cams, pistons, rods and all that for the cars, just gotta start looking. why not just put a 2.5L in place...
  18. Rotagotideas

    Bugging Out / Survival

    when shit will go to hell hi guys, Jim, thanks for putting up this tread, me and a few of my friends discuss this topic ince in a while. tho sometimes they toss in the idea of zombies... :annoyed: I hate it when that happens. but I know how to make pure alcohol for fuel, can shoot a gun...
  19. Rotagotideas

    Southern Ontario (Canada) Wheeling

    Just wondering if anyone has some suggestions on any spots that you are willing to share as well as off-road parks. Here's my suggestions offroad trails and mudding Gopher Dunes, 4385 hwy 59Courtland, ON N0J 1E0 If you are in the Chatham area there is the Dodman's mud hole on Gore rd Rock's...
  20. Rotagotideas

    ok i'm a noob

    Alright so here it is, i'm a complete noob (newbie) on this forum. just a few things about using this forum that i have questions about. like; how to subscribe to a build thread, how to start a build thread, how to get those other things so show up when you post something, like details of your...

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