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  1. gaz

    2.9 wiring question for 4.0 possible swap

    @Kuper , in regards to your 2.9 rebuild plans - If you do not need new heads, I recommend considering a quality multiangle valve job with new valve guides and guide seals. - while it's apart disassemble, clean and inspect your rocker arms, rockers and push rods. Replace as necessary but just...
  2. gaz

    1987 2.9L to a 1991 4.0L

    Use the wiring from the 91 in the 87, all of it, every bit, the computer too. It will be simpler to move everything from the 91, all sensors, the entire dash and steering column. Doing it this way is way more "plug and play". A complete operational system taken form one chassis and placed in...
  3. gaz

    Comfiest 4x4 Lift?

    @spaceranger , I have riden on Trailblazer, James Duff LLC, Rough Country and Pro Comp Ranger suspension lifts. There are several factors, some are constants, they need to be identified to see the big picture of ride control. Q: What is the suspension constantly trying to do? A: keep the tires...
  4. gaz

    need some help with blinker wiring

    @JOLENE_THE_RANGER , Anytime I face this issue, that being replacement bulbs and fuse do not cure the issue, I simply build and install fresh wiring for the system. It is much less expensive than expected using the new underground rated wiring from Lowes (hardware shoppe). My trucks are old...
  5. gaz

    New tools you've bought recently?

    I have a favorite brand of knife, it's the "Studies and Observation Group" often referred to as SOG. I was using a a full sized SOG SALUTE mid-lock, which very much surprised me for both edge retention and toughness. I hated how it opened but gave it a try. As a work knife, it is quite a...
  6. gaz

    98tm vs 95tm 4.0 exhaust manifolds and y pipes

    @stamina , To the best of my knowledge, the "Y" and associated tubing remained the same throughout for the OHV 4.0L. If you need a replacement, I'm interested in your scrap pieces; I need the piece of tubing right after the "Y", before the cat for a temporary exhaust setup 👀
  7. gaz

    How's your gas mileage?

    @jtaborsky A manual BII turning 32's with 4:10 is almost as good a match up as you could have. I would expect 100% better fuel economy, even from a much heavier Explorer with that setup. -That is really low mileage even for putting around always in 4 wheel. -warming up your engine will only...
  8. gaz

    92 Ranger XLT Single Cab LB 2.9L 5 Speed 8.8 Open Diff with 3.55 Gears 31 x 10.5 r15 Wheels and Tires and a 4" Lift

    As said, either 3:73 or 4:10 will be better than 3:55. If you think you may ever use bigger tires, then get the 4:10's. I vote for 4:10 even if both are available with 31.5". There are many axels in wrecking yards, they will let you look at the gears, if they look nice and money permits, but...
  9. gaz

    Finding speaker depth is hard...

    scotts90ranger , I recommend just use the speakers in the front; a simple 3 speaker system can sound very good (1 pair of coaxials in front and one sub in the rear). If that isn't practical, then just use the single pair in the front; those speakers firing directly into the seat are only adding...
  10. gaz

    Best shocks that give a comfortable ride for lowered Rangers?

    In a lowered vehicle I have used • Tokico Illuminati 5 way adjustable on all 4 corners • A-1 adjustable damping and recoil front with air bags in the rear, both were excellent.
  11. gaz

    How much weight is enough?

    500lbs, plus or minus 50lbs.
  12. gaz

    4x4 Clarification required

    I don't know when or why the switched to the electric shift but my 87 BII had both manual hubs and transfer case from the factory. Both systems manual very common when I bought my 87 Ranger in 88.
  13. gaz

    Mileage recommendation for first oil change??

    @Dwgray , On a new engine I do the following: • 200 mi, oil change with patroleum based • 500 mi, oil change with patroleum based • 1,000 mi, oil change to synthetic After these first 3 oil changes I revert to my normal intervals.
  14. gaz

    1989 Ranger 2.9L v6 rough idle at stops and slow speeds

    You can also pull codes without a reader using the key-on key-off sequence.
  15. gaz

    Cheap 2" lift on 1987 4x4 ford ranger

    $50 for the pitman arm, all 4 drop brackets, front springs, the radius arms, the front sway bar with all brackets/hardware and both complete rear spring packs. The owner felt like he had the best part of the deal after watching me pull those parts from the yard with only hand tools.
  16. gaz

    What do you hate about your Ranger?

    It's 1st dent; I had temporarily leaned an upright 8' 4x4 against the auto I was working on, 93-111 or so seconds later I bumped it and it fell...in slow motion towards the 1987 Ranger parked behind. It landed square on the front corner giving it it's first ever sent. It is almost 8" long and...
  17. gaz

    Cheap 2" lift on 1987 4x4 ford ranger

    @RustyDusty , Yes, a 2" body lift is an option; when I first put 29.5's on my four wheel drive 1987 Ranger a 4" body lift was the ticket. A factory Ford Hi-Rider suspension lift is worth considering. While they are not the most common setup, I've spotted a few in wrecking yards, that is where...
  18. gaz

    4.0L OHV Stock Exhaust Compatibility?

    @fr1tz , It has been my experience that universal components are cheaper, even new stainless steel, from big names like Borla. I suspect that you could recreate the entire exhaust with universal replacements or universal hi-flow replacements, maintaining all emissions, with improved performance...
  19. gaz


    @rusty ol ranger , Ah, yes, thank you for correcting me, the Duralast is Autozone's line .)
  20. gaz


    I go about things differently than I used, some would suggest slower. Comparing the 2 distributors, the Duralast is the thickness of a dime longer, I am uncertain this will have any bearing on it's performance. Install was unexpectedly fast, plopped right in. I have experienced it going well...

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