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  1. cjgibson

    For Sale OEM fog light brackets

    I'm interested in buying, can you pm me your PayPal info
  2. cjgibson

    Need help with picking parts for V8 swap 96 explorer into 97 ranger

    Hello guys. I'm needing some help with parts. I'm getting a stock oil pan from a 93 foxbody with the sump pickup. I'd like to get a stud kit for that pan. Does anyone have a part number? My block has two different size bolts for the oil pan. The end caps are bigger than the rest of the bolts...
  3. cjgibson

    Welcome Ram Mounts to the forum...

    I use nothing but RAM mounts in all our equipment on the farm. It's all very very nice stuff. I can give reviews if anyone wants one before they spend the money. It's well worth it.
  4. cjgibson

    Does anyone know what this grill is?

    I will give that stuff a try. Thank you.
  5. cjgibson

    97 Ranger Battery tray removal

    I find it helps if you very lightly sand the area. Usually the little divots that appear will be spot welds.
  6. cjgibson

    Does anyone know what this grill is?

    Yes, I was trying to find what inserts were used. Thanks.
  7. cjgibson

    Does anyone know what this grill is?

    This is a picture of an old truck my buddy used to have. It's a 94. Curious if anyone know what kind of grill inserts is on there. I'd like to get one for my truck. Thanks.
  8. cjgibson

    lower radiator hose

    I was under the assumption that the oil cooler would not fit and at least the 1993 through 1997 models
  9. cjgibson

    Billet Hood Hinges

    Anyone know of a source for billet hood hinges for rangers? I got a 96. Thanks
  10. cjgibson

    need a oasis report asap

    Hi I'm looking for an oasis report asap. I'm at the dealer looking around. Its a 2004 f150 fx4 vin number is 1FTPW14544KD62268 can anyone help? Email is jake_snare@yahoo.com
  11. cjgibson

    94 Ranger V8 tranny question

    Hi guys. I have a 1994 ranger extended cab 4x4 manual tranny right now. Looking for the parts to start the swap. I'm wanting a 5.0 with a manual tranny and keep the AC and 4x4. Been searching alot and can't find anyone who has done this yet. Can someone help me out as far as what motor tranny...
  12. cjgibson

    302 Swap Info needed

    I wanna do a 302 swap into my truck. I,ve done alot of research and can't find any info on a swap with a manual tranny. I have a manual tranny and auto transfer case. What kind of tranny do i need to fing that will fit into my truck.
  13. cjgibson

    3.0 Wont start need help

    I need some help. I pulled my motor to replace the oil pan. After I got it back in It started fine but my battery light was on and it died driving it home. I put and new battery and altenator in. The battery light was still on. I remember I put two gounds tobether on the fender but seperated...
  14. cjgibson

    Switch Frames or SAS

    I would like some opinions on weather it would be best to put a 1994 ranger extended cab on a full frame or do an SAS? What frame would work and any other info you can think of would help.
  15. cjgibson

    Aftermarket Door Panels

    Where can I find some aftermarket door panels? I have a 1994 Ford Ranger w/ power locks, windows, and mirrors.
  16. cjgibson

    What Seats Will Bolt Into a 1994 Ranger Floorpan?

    I need to know what seats are a bolt in app. for my 1994 ex. cab ranger. I dont want to have to mess with the tracks or anything else. Thanks in advance for your replies.
  17. cjgibson

    Rear Leaf Spring Brackets (How To Remove)

    How do you remove the rear leaf spring brackets on a 1994 Ford Ranger 4X4. I got the rea one already off the one with the shackle. I cant get the bracket that towards the motor off. It has rivets. How do you remove the rivest? And do you have to drop your gas tank to be able to do this

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