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  1. Welder0800

    New to me 97 4X4

    Well I ended up trading my 85 ranger for this 97 I found on Craigslist. Wanted to show y'all some pictures of the new truck so here she is. If anyone heard about the riots in Morgantown, WV back in October this is one of the streets where they took place. Much calmer atmosphere now...
  2. Welder0800

    2.8 Stalls and hesitates

    Hello all. Haven't been on here in a while but I am currently having a problem with my truck. Had to finally replace my 89 ranger so I got an 85 in June. It has always run slightly rough but nothing to bad but lately it has gotten worse. The truck will shut off when you come to a stop and if it...
  3. Welder0800

    sub/speaker questions?

    Hello, i'm very new to the world of car audio and i've been trying to do a bit of reading but still had a few questions. My questions are: 1: Would boxing a set of 6 1/2's or 6x9's and mounting them on the side of the transmission hump sound okay? I'd like to run a 2 channel amp to each...
  4. Welder0800

    Hunting Season Pics

    It was either the 30-06 or 300 win short mag. I figured the 30-06 was less overkill:icon_twisted:
  5. Welder0800

    Hunting Season Pics

    Well heres my mine. Shot this one opening day Nov 21 30-06 at around 40 yards does the trick.
  6. Welder0800

    The 65

    Well I wanted to post some pics of my first full size. I bought it off my brother back in Feburary so it's been I little while since I got it. Ok can anyone guess what the truck is under tarp number 1? Well if you guessed a 1965 f350 then you were right. Ok well she's got a 352 and a...
  7. Welder0800

    winch anchor

    When mounting a winch to the back end of your truck is it ok to hook your anchor point (rock, tree, etc) to the front frame? I have done some reading and I have read both so I want to hear what y'all think. If not do you just run the strap from the anchor point under your truck and back to the...
  8. Welder0800

    Monroe Max-Air Shocks

    Put a set of these shocks on my truck about 6 months ago and coulden't be happier. My set came from amazon around $70.00 for both with free shipping. Installation was easy just had to contend with the normal rust issues but got them installed and ran the air lines to the back of the frame about...
  9. Welder0800

    spring perches??

    Hello to all. Well I finally picked up a rear from a 99 explorer for $100 and am planning to swap it into my 88 Bronco II so from what Iv'e read I got a good deal. I want to put the spring perches on the other side to run SOA but the only place I could find to have the 3.25x3.00 spring pads...
  10. Welder0800

    Doubler question

    Ok so I'm thinking of building a double transfer case as a winter project here. I have read that you can run any combination of 1350 or 1354 case's with the most popular being the 1354 in the rear with a 1350 doubler. My question is why run a 1354 rear case? They seem to be harder to get and...
  11. Welder0800

    I need some help

    Ok so I found a dana 35 from a 94 explorer then I found a 8.8 out of a 01 explorer. So I thought thats great disc all around. One problem though the gears! The guy said I could buy the 8.8 out of the 94. So my question is should I A. pull the gears from the 94 8.8 and put them in the 01 8.8 or...
  12. Welder0800

    computer help

    Ok so I just an 88 B2:yahoo: Now time for modifications! I was wondering about moving my computer to a higher and hopefully drier area. But not sure about how to go about it. So any help would be appreaticed and maybe some pics also. thanks.
  13. Welder0800

    Transmission Question

    So I've been looking at a bronco II for a trail rig :headbang: but the transmission is blown. :sad: So what should I swap in a manuel or auto? (I have a manuel in my ranger) If I do a manuel should I go ahead and put in the 4.0 clutch? I plan to do some rock crawling if this helps. The seller...
  14. Welder0800

    I got a few questions

    Well for startes can I run differnet gears in my front end than what's in my rear? such as 4.56 front and 3.73's in the rear (this my seem dumb but I need to know) Also I have read about suicide springs for dana 35 TTB do these come off stock XJ's or are they modified springs? Do I need a lift...

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