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  1. Mac

    Intake worries

    .010 ' is the limit.
  2. Mac

    FX4 axle

    This seems to clearly state use of the Torsen L/S https://www.therangerstation.com/articles/ford-ranger-fx4-off-road-and-level-ii-by-the-years/
  3. Mac

    R2 slave to '87 master cylinder

    You may think you have a 7/8" bore cylinder but bet it's only a 3/4". Took couple apart that were listed as 7/8" but only measured 3/4" Part was CMS39896..
  4. Mac

    New Guy in Oregon has a Canadian manufactured Ranger

    Don't think any Ranger was ever produced in Canada, 2008 would have been made at the Twin Cities plant.
  5. Mac

    5.0 swap questions

    Frames are different because most 4x2's use coil suspension while the 4x4's have torsion bar suspension.
  6. Mac

    77 302 front pulleys and /or brackets

    About only thing you missed as to the reason for low HP is deep dished pistons and .021 taller deck height
  7. Mac

    1997 Explorer 5.0 in 1998 Ranger 2.5

    This is a close comparision of the different years. Guess I can't post a picture from computer anymore, things have changed.
  8. Mac

    How can a 1993 Manual Tranny have gear oil in it instead of Mercon?

    Chart up in tech library still shows the 92 trans using gear oil, maybe someone did swap out. Lot of people still think gear oil belongs in a manual. Mitsubishi FM146 D 1988-1992 2.9L Ranger 4X4 Mitsubishi FM132 D 1988-1992 2.9L 2WD 5-Speed
  9. Mac

    What am I? Who am I? Can a 5.0 fit?

    Had a early 70's Courier with the 289 then 302 with the C4 and 8" rear end out of a Mavrick. Surprised a lot people. Rot faster than a Ranger.
  10. Mac

    2005 Ford Rangers NO PATS

    Had 2 2005's, neither one had PAT's. Standard hardware key worked. Just looked at Rord Ranger Forum and member Rwenzing address this way back in 9-23-09. Said " Ford "thrifted" PATS for the 2005 model year, then it returned on V6 models for 2006 and then on all Rangers from 2007 on. They must...
  11. Mac

    Does someone make a special wrench to fit battery terminals? 2005 Ranger.

    I used a 5/16" SAE which is just under a 8mm, socket still on wrench - just changed battery.
  12. Mac

    Did Ford make a factory v8 ranger for the public

    First one I know of was in 88 by SVO with several in the 90's for shows. Never for public. I've got the build list that SVO used but forgot how to add a jpg.
  13. Mac

    Hello from Wisconsin

    Where you at up here? Just got rid of a 428/C6 and 69 Cobra body.
  14. Mac

    Rear end conversion?

    RockAuto has the 31 spline axles. Seem to be the same length as the 28 spline USA STANDARD GEAR USA21910 1541H Alloy (Rebate/Promotion Available!) Info Rear Left; Ford 8.8 in.; 31 Spline; 30 1/8 in. Length; 5 Lug; with Off Road Package (FX4); with Axle Code S302G; S302L; S303A; V302B...
  15. Mac

    351w heads on a 302

    ARP makes those head bolts.
  16. Mac

    351w heads on a 302

    Those heads if D5TE have the smaller chambers at 60cc, later years were at 69cc.
  17. Mac

    Oil level sensor bypass

    Just a level indicator, nothing more. Looks elsewhere for problem.
  18. Mac

    FX4 axle width

    Looking at tech library see the FX4 & level 2 axles are listed as 1" wider (59 1/2") than others, same width as Explorers. Axles would then be same as pre disc brake Explorers? Never knew this an dtoo snowy to go out and measure. Dave
  19. Mac

    Sport trac 8.8

    Found this at Explorerfroum. Doesn't mention width or other items. What year ford explorers do I look for as a donor for 31 spline and disc brakes? To get rear disc brakes and 31-spline axle, you need to look for a 1995 to 2001 Explorer or Mountaineer. Earlier years use drum brakes and may...
  20. Mac

    Again? Ranger shown at Detroit Auto show

    They said it's to compete with the Cheby and be on sale this year so maybe this county? No spec's or other info. http://autoomobile.com/news/ford-ready-to-face-chevrolet-colorado/10014421/ www.youtube.com/watch?v=EHInoDxorhg

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