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  1. Tiollib

    Just Plain Stupied

    DG!!! Glad you're back with us! Here's some pics from your Houma part of the TRS Banner in 2010!
  2. Tiollib

    The gun thread...

    Me too. Very reliable
  3. Tiollib

    New/old summer toys

    The fiance and I received these from her mom for a wedding present! The red is 97 Kawasaki 1100 STX and the yellow is a 97 Sea-doo XP. Now the bad news is the sea-doo doesn't run... It has paperwork on it saying that the Mpem needs to be changed, but after doing some trial and error on it I...
  4. Tiollib

    Ape Hangers are just silly

    rdmfD1bMhVU :icon_rofl:
  5. Tiollib

    New Summer ride/toy

    Got me a Harley Sportster 1200 Custom. Got it to riding with my dad, because he doesn't have anyone to ride with. And I always wanted a Harley.
  6. Tiollib

    Grill guard

    Found a grill guard for salehttp://neworleans.craigslist.org/pts/1616873449.html. Is there anyway I can tell if it will fit my truck? Do they have any model numbers I should look for?
  7. Tiollib

    Superbowl Predictions

    Saints or colts? I say The Saints!
  8. Tiollib

    Superbowl Predictions?

    please delete
  9. Tiollib

    Ford trucks from Mexico

    The Four door ranger Ford Courier And a Harley Davidson Ford Lobo at the Dealership took these on a cruise to mexico, and just found the pictures today.
  10. Tiollib

    Neat camaro

    Found a website with 2002 camaro and 69 camaro body panels on it. http://www.londonautosales.net/?fn=catalog.detail&pid=JACK1
  11. Tiollib

    Ever order these?

    Might get power locks or windows from here for christmas. Just wondering if anyone ever bought from HERE before. What experience did you have?
  12. Tiollib

    Dodge ram gone?

    http://news.pickuptrucks.com/2009/10/dodge-trucks-to-be-separated-from-cars-under-ram-brand.html is its own brand now. It is still called a dodge for the moment, but it will all be moved under a new name.
  13. Tiollib

    Possible new vehicle

    Was in town today and found this Its a 2002 Jaguar X-type with a 5spd:yahoo: and AWD And its only $5500. Going to go testdrive it when I have some spare time to see if I really want it. Then I'll be able to start having fun with the ranger.
  14. Tiollib

    firefox FTW

    I would have to recommend personas for Firefox. It is amazing It gives you access to thousands of firefox skins like this one. I love it. Another reason Firefox if better than ie
  15. Tiollib

    Why I say no to Dodge

    Took my mom's 07 charger to town today and filled it up. I would love to know what the dodge engineers were thinking. Every $.25 the thing would vapor-lock and stop the pump. Another reason why I don't like dodge.
  16. Tiollib

    Long project

    I'm pretty sure a lot of you guys like older cars for early 70s so I'm going to start a build thread. Its not a Ford though. It is a 1972 Pontiac Ventura II. It was my graduation present from the parents. A lot of images. When I first got it And the tear down begins This is where...
  17. Tiollib

    Explorer sport trac

    looking at getting a 2001 sport trac soon but the front passenger window is busted. Local Junkyard has tons of explorers but no sport tracs. Will the windows be the same?
  18. Tiollib

    how could this happen?

    just noticed it the other day. How can I fix it?
  19. Tiollib

    New Bronco 2

    http://www.mikesexcavation.net/construction_008.jpg Might pick this truck up for $75. Good Deal?
  20. Tiollib

    MAC or PC

    I'm looking for a new laptop for school. Need help with deciding. Getting one for christmas. Starting research early

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