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  1. reno

    Stan Myers

    What about his invention? I found a video of him putting nothing but water into a engine, and talking about it, ANY water will work whether it be fresh water or salt water. If he drove from L.A. to New York, he would use 22 gals of water...22 Gallons!!!! his work has to be known by someone else...
  2. reno

    Anyone ever been in a coma for about 5 days?

    I was in one about 5 years ago, I have been noticing for the last 2 years a stutter that seems to be progressing, just wanted to know if maybe you have these symptoms, I also have short term memory loss.
  3. reno

    Somebody posted here a while back

    About a site that had a V.I.N. check, can I get that link again?
  4. reno

    HHO, and the internal engine breakdown

    howstuffworks.com explains all this beautifully. http://auto.howstuffworks.com/water-fuel.htm
  5. reno

    Who else has done this?

    you and 2 of your Bud's are riding down the road, you are riding shotgun, as soon as you start to get to a congested area, you duck down as far as you can so it looks like your 2 Bud's are riding side by side like a G\F would be......
  6. reno

    Hey Boggin

    Did you lose something????????? One of the Admins give you a :buttkick: or a :black_eye:, maybe they wanted to make you :bawling: or :icon_confused:, or maybe just maybe.......so we can :idiot:. Just jabbin ya dude, why did they take your 1,500?
  7. reno

    Typical Blonde for ya....

    :rolleyes: Had the Regis show on, (was a weather bulletin going then went back) but anyways, it is the Regis and Kathy Lee (I think) she was showing a exercise routine with weights,Jazzercise,a balance thingy and Basketball......ALL IN HIGH HEELS!!!!!!!!!:icon_rofl:;missingteeth;
  8. reno

    Rear main seal

    How hard is it on the 4.0? Does not look like enough room to remove the oil pan with the motor still in, and still does not look as if it will come out even if I break the motor mounts loose and lift the engine. Do we have to pull the engine to do this? Seems like a PIA.
  9. reno

    Premium member payment

    Where the heck is the page to become a Premium member? I can't find it now, and it is most likely one of those things that people say "If it was a Rattlesnake, you'd be bitten".
  10. reno

    Hey dburton07

    Even rednecks get in on fireworks...... http://www.ebaumsworld.com/video/watch/721228/
  11. reno

    Got my kids subs hooked up, now......

    What is the best way to hook up the mids and tweeters? Just straight off the H.U.? Or could I just splice them in to the rear speakers (not the subs) or do they go with the subs? I have no clue :dunno:
  12. reno

    A/C pumped & refilled but still not right

    What else could be causing my A/C NOT to get colder than 62Degrees even at highway speeds? On the original label it says R-12 Refrig, 1.75lbs max, I was told here that 80% of R-134a which would be 2 12oz cans (24oz) 1lb 8oz. Is this to much or to little?
  13. reno

    OK, so I am tired and hot

    I am ready to have the system evacuated, come homw and pump the system down. I have looked for a better pump that I currently have (a venturi..I know I know). What I planned on doing was pump for about 10min, close the gauges, turn off the compressor for 10min, then pump for 10 and so on, just...
  14. reno

    I just wanted to say.....

    HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!! Make it a safe one!! :icon_cheers:
  15. reno

    I don't want an argument over this one...

    I have been trying to do some searches for Alternative energy in our future, which I believe will be coming more quickly than we expect but of course it has to be perfected to be effcient first. I found this site that has all kinds of ideas and are working, but seems improvements need to be...
  16. reno

    Whatch ya doin tomorry?

    I have to work, but will be home by 2:30pm. I guess we will goto Bush Gardens and watch the fireworks there and enjoy a show. That is if the weather holds out. Been raining everyday here, mainly in the evenings.
  17. reno

    Cell Phone law?

    Is this National? or just local cities that have picked it up? I live in Florida and still see a bunch of people talking and driving, just wondering when the crack down begins.
  18. reno

    What Aternative Energy source do you think?

    Which energy source do you think will be next? I figure we will see at least 2 more come out by the end of the year.
  19. reno

    Can some one please tell me

    I posted a question about my sons sub woofer hook up. We will be installing it on Saturday, I just need a few simple questions answered so we do it right the first time. Thanx, -=Reno=-
  20. reno

    I give up on this....

    With all the questions I asked here, and all the checking around the net I have done, I have come to the conclusion that this method is just as Makg and AllanD have posted......snakeoil. Why are there so many reports of people stating they are working? Well if you try and sell this to make money...

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