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  1. aaronhahn777

    How to: Fix sticky/seized manual door lock

    My ranger's door locks have been getting worse and worse over time. I had to sometimes jiggle the key in the lock for 2-3 minutes before I was able to successfully unlock my vehicle. Then, they stopped working all together. This is a tutorial on how to get your locks back to new condition...
  2. aaronhahn777

    High Idle... please help

    05' sohv 4.0L v6. I installed a cold air intake and a magniflow exhaust. I now notice a high idle. It's really bad when it first starts up. Runs at about 2000 rpm even once warmed up. Between 1st and 2nd the rpm will increase when I hold th clutch in... really annoying. Ok... so this is...
  3. aaronhahn777

    4.10 8.8 Carrier Play

    I have play in the rear differential carrier (8.8 4.10)? It is the small gear inline with the main cross pin and has about a millimeter of play. Can you rebuild the carrier? Or should I just purchase a used one? (so much for my brake job... hahha. started with that... then found a bearing...
  4. aaronhahn777

    noise from 2nd gear

    I replaced the plastic/rubber ring under between the transmission and the stick shift... so far it seems it has made the symptoms disappear? Also... I don't get annoying vibration from the stick shift any more either. If you take the cup-holders out, lift off the stick-shift boot, remove the...
  5. aaronhahn777

    noise from 2nd gear

    OK... just spent an hour with an old guy that is a specialist with transmissions. He even had my exact transmission in parts in his garage so I was able to sit down with him with it on the table to discuss. After the road test, he was still unable to diagnose. He is sure it is not the input...
  6. aaronhahn777

    noise from 2nd gear

    Thanks for the tips Explorin94... I'll look into this further. I hope that is not the case as it sounds above my knowledge to fix.
  7. aaronhahn777

    noise from 2nd gear

    Have you solved this? I have the same problem. Things so far: -fluid flush - no change (some fine metal dust in the fluid but not abnormal) -checked slave cylinder fluid.. looks old but could use a flush (I heard air can get trapped in the high points and affect the proper engaging of gears -...

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