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  1. William Spitzer

    FX4 Level 2 Axle Swap

    I just wanted to make sure before I spend the money, but i've found an FX4 Level 2 in the junkyard 04ish with 87k miles, It's geared 4:10. I just want to know if theres any major problems i will have with bolting it in my truck (94 4x2 5 speed I have a 7.5 geared 3:73 open now)I assume the...
  2. William Spitzer

    Weld on recovery shackles

    I was wondering how horrible it would be to weld on recovery shackles onto my factory bumper. I saw a few threads kind of frowning upon it, and i know the factory bumper isn't the sturdiest. What if i welded reinforcement on the inside of the bumper? I was thinking if they were welded on...
  3. William Spitzer

    D28 to D35 swap Bronco II

    I couldn't find the exact answer by searching, if I'm just overlooking it please forgive me. But, I was wanting to search some junkyards for a D35 to swap into my B2, wouldn't I just be able to find a 90 B2 with the D35 and be able to swap it dirrectly in without shortening the driveshaft like...
  4. William Spitzer

    86 Budget Conscience Build

    So since i finally think I have a RBV that im going to keep for a long time, here is my build thread. Just somewhere to track my progress (and how much I spend :D ) and see how far I've come. here it is when I got it, took a 3 hour drive to go and pick it up. Previous owner put in a 4,0...
  5. William Spitzer

    Wheel Spacer Questions

    I searched and couldn't find the exact answer i was looking for. What are peoples general opinions of wheel spacers like this? Does anyone have any bad first hand experience with these? Abnormal tire wear, ball joints not lasting, ect. This exact set is for sale, used less than a year for $120.
  6. William Spitzer

    Lift choices

    Recently bought an 86 B2, and am starting to get it ready for winter. The tires on it now are pretty dry-cracked, but I have a nearly brand new set of General Grabber AT/2's (31/10.50/15's) on ranger wheels. I bolted them on but theres a little rubbing, and i'd really like to avoid cutting my...
  7. William Spitzer

    Toe and camber issues

    I bought this truck for cheap with what looks like a homemade suspension lift with hopes of making it road worthy. The toe and camber look wayyy off, and was hoping that it was fixable, or I could get something to make it better. I really don't know much about lifted suspension, but I can get...
  8. William Spitzer

    93 Ranger, is this a good deal?

    I found this through a friend on Facebook, and im not sure if its a good deal, or ive been out of a ranger for too long. it's 93, with a 3.0 and 5 speed, auto transfer case, 6 inch suspension, 3 inch body lift, with 35 inch tires. I feel like thats way too much tire for any stock ranger gearing...
  9. William Spitzer

    4wheelingplus.com problems

    Ok, so i got myself a set of AVM hubs for myself for Christmas, long story short, one of them practically exploded coming up my snow dusted driveway. (not beating or abusing my truck or anything!) After multiple emails to them and rugged ridge(who makes the hubs) i was told they were currently...
  10. William Spitzer

    AVM/WARN Manual Hubs

    So, this is probably a dumb question but what is the difference of the 98-00 international Rangers and the ones here in the US? Warn's website only lists hubs for the 98-00 international model, and i want to make sure I cant use them. I got a set of AVM hubs for Christmas, and a few days ago...
  11. William Spitzer

    91 dropped 3rd, possible swap

    i got a good deal on a 91 with a 4.0, 4x4, 5 speed, automatic transfer case, with transmission code "M". Its dropped third gear, so im looking to swap in a transmission. I have somebody that will sell me a transmission out of a totaled ranger, which is an 88, 4x2, 5 speed with the 2.9...
  12. William Spitzer

    what is this?!

    never heard of them in my life http://harrisonburg.craigslist.org/cto/2665717010.html
  13. William Spitzer

    Non-vinal letter removal

    So, i bought my truck from a painting company, and they apparently decided to put thier logo in purple metal flake paint on the sides. so my question is how can i get these off? or is it not possible?
  14. William Spitzer

    98 Front Reciever

    i'd like to put a reciever on the front of my 98, i know i'll have to at least fabricate some of it to make it line up with some holes. would this be safe? i wouldnt be doint too much extreme stuff with it, just would be nice to have a front hitch...
  15. William Spitzer

    ranger 8.8, is this worth buying?

    ok, so a little bit of background, 98 ranger 3.0 5 speed, 3:73 gears 7.5 inch open differential. i want to get a ranger 8.8 L/S that i can just bolt in and go. im really not that worried about disc brakes, im fine with a good set of drums, and im not a very good welder, so the explorer axle...
  16. William Spitzer

    Ranger 8.8/7.5 swap

    I was reading about the 8.8 explorer swap, and i have a couple of unanswered questions. im not really concerned about the 28/31 spline difference, i just want the ease of a dirrect bolt in, as i dont trust myself welding on an axle. do the 8.8 ranger axles have disc brakes? how common were the...
  17. William Spitzer

    97 Explorer Doors on a 98 Ranger

    I'm pretty sure i allready know the answer, but would 97 explorer doors work on a 98 ranger?
  18. William Spitzer

    Painting Corner Lights

    i was thinking about painting my corner lights black to match my truck, (the one in my picture) because as far as i can tell they serve absolutely no purpose, is there any reason im overlooking that i shouldnt? are there any legal issues with painting pointless lights? (such as cops or state...
  19. William Spitzer

    whole truck rhino lined

    has anyone ever rhino lined an entire truck? just curious as to how it would look and if its do-able.
  20. William Spitzer

    Alcoa wheels?

    Are there any specific markings or stampings to identify a set of alcoa wheels?

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