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  1. TexasRebel

    Narrowed 3/4 or 1 ton axles?

    I'm wanting to get bigger axles under my truck while I've got the body off and don't think I want full width since I am going to still use the truck on the road. If you run full widths on the road on a square body, can you post how you like it and pictures? I'm also wondering how involved it...
  2. TexasRebel

    TexasRebels 1990 4x4 Super Cab

    Just realized that I dont have a devoted build thread for my truck. I bought it back in 2011 as my first truck for $650. I dumped a lot of my high school earnings into it, but it never did see the road again. It just sat in the backyard at my moms where I lived until she passed way in 2013. The...
  3. TexasRebel

    How low on ttb?

    I was doing some talking with my dad last night and we were throwing some ideas around. We thought about building my Ranger into a awd course racing truck just for the hell of it. The main problem we thought of was the ttb. My question is, how low can you get a ttb setup? Sent from my Samsung...
  4. TexasRebel

    Turbo 4.0 or 302 swap?

    So, for the past few weeks, I have been looking into turboing the 4.0 in my Ranger when I rebuild it, but now I am leaning back towards the 302 swap again. The cost of the turbo swap and the lack of good info about 4.0 turbo build are two of the main reasons. I would probably be getting about...
  5. TexasRebel

    Building a 4.0 questions

    So, I have a 1990 Ranger 4x4 with the 4.0/auto and a couple years ago I started a rebuild on the top end of the motor then ran out of funds/time. My mom passed away and I moved a couple of towns over and the truck has just been sitting. I plan on moving somewhere soon that has a place where I...
  6. TexasRebel

    Been doing some major thinking...

    Well, to be honest everybody, I haven't even touched my 4x4 90 Ranger in over a year. I don't know if I've lost interest in it, but I have lost a lot of motivation to do anything with it. I've thought about scrapping it since I doubt I could get any money out of it. The engine needed to be...
  7. TexasRebel

    Plans for truck taking a big turn

    A few days ago, I posted a thread about cutting up a second gen cab and making small half doors like they did on the newer ex-cabs, but now, I'm thinking of a new plan. I'm wanting to do a full crew cab (like B.J. Boden did with his 85). I already have a plan of attack on how to go about doing...
  8. TexasRebel

    Looking at newer Rangers

    So. In the next 8-10 months, I will probably be on the hunt for a newer truck for my girlfriend. I have been looking at the 92-96 f150s, but now am looking at Rangers also. It would need to be 2wd, preferably ext-cab, and automatic. The better the mpg, the better. Doesn't need to be fast or haul...
  9. TexasRebel

    Gen 2 with back half doors

    I know it would take a considerable amount of work to do, but I really like the idea of cutting the back section of the supercab out and turning them into half doors like they did on the newer Rangers. Has anybody done this or know if anybody has before? Pictures would be awesome if it has been...
  10. TexasRebel

    Square Body Ranger Instagram

    I started a instagram account a little over a month ago for us square body guys and have close to 350 followers so far. If you have an instagram and a square body, send a pic of your truck to @square_body_rangers
  11. TexasRebel

    Best option for half-ton SAS?

    I added in red what answers are to some of those.
  12. TexasRebel

    Best option for half-ton SAS?

    Which one are you using? And how hard was it to regear it to match your rear? Do the lug patterns match?
  13. TexasRebel

    Best option for half-ton SAS?

    Do mean early bronco as in first generation broncos? Those are practically non existent around here. Sent from my Samsung Galaxy S3 using Tapatalk.
  14. TexasRebel

    Best option for half-ton SAS?

    I'd rather narrow it. I don't want the wheels sticking out really far. I'd like them to be even with the back wheels. Sent from my Samsung Galaxy S3 using Tapatalk.
  15. TexasRebel

    Best option for half-ton SAS?

    I think I'd rather go with coil springs. Sent from my Samsung Galaxy S3 using Tapatalk.
  16. TexasRebel

    Everything I need to know about 351w swap

    I've asked this before, but didn't get too much advice. I have a 89 f-250 donor truck. It has a 351w and c6 trans (don't want to keep). What I want/need to know is: Best intake combo for efi? Height problems with 3" body rise? Can I use whole wiring harness and just cut it down to size for...
  17. TexasRebel

    Best option for half-ton SAS?

    I have been doing serious research into doing a full 1-ton suspension all the way around my 90 ranger and I am almost thinking about just doing a half ton on the front and building my 8.8 up a little bit for now. What would be my best option for a front dif? Maybe a 40 out of a older f150 or...
  18. TexasRebel

    Ranger splash spotted in southeast Texas

    Was riding through Liberty, Texas (between Beaumont and Houston) and I seen a white 93-97 Splash at the McDonalds. I have never seen one in this area before. Not even on craigslist. Was kinda curious if it may have been somebody on here. From what I seen of it in the few seconds of driving by...
  19. TexasRebel

    Second to first opinions...

    I have a 90 and I really like the 2nd Gen front end but also love the first Gen front. What's yalls opinions? Sent from my Samsung Galaxy S3 using Tapatalk.
  20. TexasRebel

    Anybody ever use a Sterling 10.25?

    Nevermind. Just clicked that link. That is awesome. Sent from my Samsung Galaxy S3 using Tapatalk.

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