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    Show us your 2019-2020 Ford Ranger

    Made my own "kit". Hand cut new grooves on a set of FX4 front shocks to lower the spring seat 1.25" Had the rear springs re-arched by 3"at a local spring shop. Used 3 1/8" spring perches, new 2 1/2" u-bolts and a set of Jeep spring plates to flip the axle. With the new spring plates on top of...
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    Navigation & Sirius question

    Yep, have added nav to my non-Sirius, completely separate systems. Ford lands a full set of maps in the Sync3 then uses GPS, no wi-fi or cell connection is needed for the nav.
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    5.0 swap, 00 Ranger and 97 Explorer

    05/97 5.0 likely does not have PATS so that's a plus. Will also likely have a lower pressure fuel injection w/return system so a few challenges there. Think the a/c wiring might be a challenge. The brakes should be fine moving to the 8.8 disk brake axle. Early '97 will also likely have a...
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    Suspension upgrades?

    2019's, yes. Guess I should have said 2" higher at the rear wheel arch. The front arches are only marginally higher than std. With the additional rake, the FX4 tail gate is even higher. One thing that has puzzled me, Ford Parts clearly differentiates the "special" FX front suspension bits...
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    Suspension upgrades?

    I am not sure that is the case. My wife's FX4 sits 2" higher, and does not share rear spring part numbers with std 4WD springs. I purchased a pair of 4WD rear springs for my RWD and found they DO share the same part number as my RWD. So yea, I bought, and shipped in, a pair of exactly the...
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    98+ 2wd headers

  7. win

    Show us your 2019-2020 Ford Ranger

    Probably not everyone's cup o' tea. 2/4 drop, WildTrak roof rails, DiamondBack w/power locks and auto lighting. Truck works for a living and dropping it makes bed, cabin and roof access so much easier. Tailgate is the better part of 10" lower than my wife's FX4.
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    Suspension upgrades?

    Rancho's RS999333 just need some aluminum 12mm x 16mm x 40mm sleeves to slip right in. With the external adjustment knob, can dial in the shocks to suit. Their 5000 and 7000 shocks can also be used. Except for the dimensions of the inner metal sleeves on the bushings the 98 - 04 Nissan...
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    Ford performance upgrade

    Nope, a oiled cotton ait filter, a hand held OBD unit and a s/w license to flash the PCM with the hand held. The Roush kit includes a different air filter box but is otherwise very similar except for the $$$ for the box and name.
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    Ford performance upgrade

    Apples to oranges -- 45 hp gain with 93 octane fuel over stock with 87 octane. Like the Roush kit, only about 15 hp gain over stock 93 octane adaptive. The warranty is a plus, as is the handheld but still a lot of $$ for the gain. Levittown Ford Parts has great price, but availability is...
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    Want a nicer radio in this thing

    Not too difficult, can buy complete kits for $$, or source used APIM, screen and bezel). Maybe 30 mins to install. Download Forscan, pay for the 12 month license and configure as needed
  12. win

    2001-up Ranger VSS after 5.0 swap

    Have read the Expo G-Force sensor needs to be included with the ABS module for the Expo solution to work.
  13. win

    99 ranger 2wd 5.0 engine swap

    Swap the AWD 4R70W out for a RWD version, or, swap the tail cone and output shaft to convert the transmission to RWD only. Crown Vics, Marquis, Town Cars, even V8 'stangs use the 4R70W so easy to find in RWD form
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    Adding limited slip to rear axle??

    Had not found the GM connection, makes for a wider net to cast for info. With the Canyon/Colorado duo on the road as long as they have, might have more luck. Most of the Jeep info is HD locker related, not daily street limited slip stuff. Thanks!
  15. win

    Considering a V8 swap

    96/98 dual fuel line Expo 5.0 -- Best EFI and ignition Ford ever paired with the 302. Only needs 6 or 7 wires between body and engine to work. AFR heads, decent cam, adjustable fuel pressure regulator, torque monster headers. Dial fuel pressure up till EFI has trouble keeping fuel ratio at...
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    Adding limited slip to rear axle??

    Anyone add LSD to a Ranger with an open diff? Found my near perfect Lariat, but missing the electric locking rear diff option. So, given a price I could not pass up, bought the thing. Since the Ranger shares the rear diff with Jeep, I plan on exploring using Spicer's LSD carrier for the Dana...
  17. win

    1999 ranger v8 swap from a 1999 expo

    ABS module won't need any plumbing, the electronics block swaps out while leaving the valve block alone. G-Force sensor is under driver's seat if I remember correctly.
  18. win

    1999 ranger v8 swap from a 1999 expo

    How much of the dash did you swap to install the climate and cruise control? On the 4 cyl Rangers, the GEM provides the speed signal and you might have inadvertently lost that function with the wiring/feature upgrades. Yes, wiring in the ABS module(can use Ranger valve body) and G-Force sensor...
  19. win

    99 Ranger starter wiring help after swap

    Pins 24 and 31 on the 42 pin connector are the same on the 99 Expo and 99 Ranger. So problem should not be there. But..... the Expo 5.0 uses an external solenoid after the fuse box starter relay, is it possible there's a disconnect in the solenoid wiring at that point? Try popping off the...
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    Couple Options: Graft in a Dakota Digital ABS/Speed signal converter. Graft in later 4 cyl Ranger GEM module Graft in Expo ABS and g-force modules Graft on an earlier 4R70W output shaft and tailcone with a gear driven VSS -- some later transmissions and transfer cases have blanked off VSS hole...

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