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  1. Range98

    1987 Ranger 306 Project Build

    Well here's my second ranger project I'm attempting. Picked up a rust free 1987 ranger with a blown tranny to be the project. Here she is. With the tired 2.9L I picked up an old 68' 302 out of a torino with a set of used E7te-PA heads. Not too pretty but she cleaned up nice. I'm...
  2. Range98

    My 1998 ranger swap

    Okay so I did this swap awhile ago and have since sold my truck :sad: so I'm posting this before I forget any details of the all the mods I did. Also I'll be starting a new thread for my next project which will be a ground up build of an 88 ranger. But ultimately I'm hoping to answer questions...
  3. Range98

    Transmission has lost reverse need help !

    Recently my brothers and I tore down my 302 ranger to put a new tailhousing on the transmission and fix some other issues with the truck. Well we put it all back together and my tranny has no reverse doesn't even try to shift into it. All other gears work and shift perfectly. Engine is out of...
  4. Range98

    Big change of plans...

    Well I gotta pull the engine back out to fix my oil pan some other odds and ends and I'm heavily considering switching my efi out for a carb setup. Has anyone else done this to an explorer engine ? I want to get a stand-alone computer and keep my trans but I'd put a nose cone and strip out all...
  5. Range98

    Range 98 Build Thread 5.0

    Decided to lower the truck as much as possible without having to buy new suspension or anything. Loosened the torsion bars and removed the lift blocks from the rear end dropped me 2 1/2 inches in the rear and almost 4 in the front. Pretty cheap way to do it but it worked and it sits much...
  6. Range98

    Range 98 Build Thread 5.0

    First thing first new paint job! The black was scratched to crap and I never really liked plain blacked out trucks so my brother and I shot on some bright blue cobalt metallic with black accents. Here it is the first day out of our paintbooth. The truck is sitting a little funny...
  7. Range98

    Range 98 Build Thread 5.0

    Alrighty! Well I finally decided to do my build thread for my project. I know I asked pretty many questions on here so I wanted to put up my progress and show everyone the truck. I'm gonna do this in sections to make it a little easier for me to upload pics and all. So we here go.... The Day I...
  8. Range98

    Tuning a modified 5.0

    Well I feel it's time for a tune for the 5.0 and I was checking to see if anyone has any tuners they would recommend or anyone situated near Philadelphia know of a good shop who could do it?
  9. Range98

    Engine won't stay running.

    Got the engine all hooked up a few days ago and it fired in half a turn but it will not stay running. It starts perfect but when it starts coming down in the rpm's it stalls out every time. I checked fuel pressure, vacuum lines, my coil pack, and the timing was at 8 degrees. I'm running out of...
  10. Range98

    Wiring Issues

    I was hoping to start the engine tonight but the battery harness is confusing me. I have the 1997 battery harness and I'm trying to splice it so it will plug into my 1998 ranger. I have the plug but my problem is that the wires aren't the same colors so I have no idea how to splice them...
  11. Range98

    Need Help

    I went to put the 302 in the truck tonight and my 3.0 mounts didn't line up with the explorer plates. Will the 3.0 mounts handle the 5.0? If they would i would modify the plates to work. If they wouldnt work I need to get the rubber mounts for the 5.0.
  12. Range98

    B303 Cam

    Alright my info: Some things are done, the rest are planned. Just trying to be accurate. 1997 mountaineer engine. Ported gt40 heads, gasket matched intake, racing exhaust, custom made headers, as of now stock rockers and valve springs. Looking to use the b303 cam but i have not seen it in the...
  13. Range98

    Looking for Opinions

    Hey all, Well I'm building up a 302 for a street truck and the front end on my truck is just lacking that aggressive look I want. I've read up on swapping the front end out for a 01-03 edge and I'm looking for any ideas you have for a better front end I can put on before I swap the new engine...
  14. Range98

    Cam Questions and other Upgrades

    Hi everybody I finally got my donor vehicle and v8. I have a 1997 mercury mountaineer and I wanna dump the engine into my 1998 ranger. I have been scouring the internet for upgrades for the engine but I can't find many for my application. I'm planning on porting the heads, putting a more...
  15. Range98

    Need some swap advice

    I've been wanting more power and rumble from my truck so I'm thinking 302 swap. My issue is I have a really reliable 3.0 l and I don't know how reliable a swap would be. My truck has original engine and trans at 166,000 miles, and no issues I'm afraid if I go through and do it then I might end...
  16. Range98

    Mountaineer to Ranger Engine Swap

    Hey Guys, I'm looking for some info on doing a 5.0 l engine swap. I've got a 98 ranger xlt 4x4. I'm debating whether to use the engine from a mountaineer or an explorer. I really don't know which direction to go so I was hoping you guys could help me out. Gas mileage vs power and cost...

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