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  1. caser876

    2003 4.0 5spd Dyno run Before/After K&N

    Alright, this morning i went out to my uncles shop with my new intake kit. A K&N 77 series. ( http://www.autoanything.com/air-intakes/61A1913A0A0.aspx ). I waited to go to the shop to do it because his co-owner has a chassis dyno and i wanted to see what the kit did for the truck. We get it on...
  2. caser876

    New Here-Not To Trucks

    Hey! ive been into trucks and mud since before i can remember. i work for ford and have quite a bit of experience workin on alot of stuff-from lawn mowers to trucks to log skidders. right now im goin to suny cobleskill for diesel tech. and im a class a interior nys firefighter.hope i can help...

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