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  1. thebigyellowtruck

    1961 ford Econoline pickup

    I'm looking for a new project and recently I've come across a pretty good deal on a rust free 1961 Econoline pickup. The only problem is that it needs a new steering gear box. I have found a rebuilt one online the place wants $550 for the gearbox plus a $250 core charge. I was wondering if...
  2. thebigyellowtruck

    I want to put a supercharger on my 97 Ranger 2.3

    I want to put a supercharger on my 1997 ranger with a 2.3L engine in it. It a great truck, but i wish the power was there more. I'm debating on whether or not to drop in a small v8. maybe a 289 or 302. If its cheaper i would rather just put on a supercharger. I'm pretty sure it would be less...
  3. thebigyellowtruck

    why is my 1997 ranger not getting heat?

    my heater core is not leaking and my thermostat gauge is reading the way it should. Can anyone think of why I dont have heat. It worked last week, but now I just get cold air when i turn the heat on. Thanks in advance.
  4. thebigyellowtruck

    1997 painted from the frame up

    i didnt get any pics while painting the frame, but i got pics of the rest. new rims to be put on soon. http://s813.photobucket.com/albums/zz54/thebigyellowtruck/truck/ let me know what you think
  5. thebigyellowtruck

    not getting heat in 1997 ranger 2.3L

    my heater core is not leaking and my thermostat gauge is reading the way it should. Can anyone think of why I dont have heat. It worked last week, but now I just get cold air when i turn the heat on. Thanks in advance.
  6. thebigyellowtruck

    97 ranger cat replacement

    im replacing my cat and i was wondering if i could use this [url]http://www.summitracing.com/parts/WLK-15038/[url] without having any problems. it says it is for a vehicle up to 6000 lbs. I'm putting on this cat back system too. [url]http://www.summitracing.com/parts/WLK-17320/[url] can i have...
  7. thebigyellowtruck

    3rd generation ranger front tow hooks?

    I have a 97 2wd ranger. There has been a time or two where i have gotten stuck and needed a tow out, but it was hard to find anything to hook up to to pull me out. Is there a way to put front tow hooks on my truck? i dont see anywhere to bolt them up to. I would like to do this because i can get...
  8. thebigyellowtruck

    Rust removal

    I am repainting my truck from the ground up in the spring. I need to get the rust off of my frame and under body. I was planning on just using a wire wheel to clean it all off, but recently i came across a rust removing gel called Ew Gel Rust Dissolver.(...
  9. thebigyellowtruck

    Painting truck looking for ideas

    This summer I want to paint my 1997 ranger. Right now its red and its in pretty good shape, but i want to repaint it from the frame up. the frame and underbody is covered in surface rust. I'm trying to get some ideas of how i should paint it. I'm thinking maybe just red so that i dont have to do...
  10. thebigyellowtruck

    what size back spacing on 15in wheels

    im buying some new wheels for my 1997 ranger 2 wheel drive. I was looking trough the tech library and i found the back spacing, but im now looking for the center bore diameter for my truck. if you can help it would be greatly appreciated.
  11. thebigyellowtruck

    Check engine light came on, code P1443

    I have a 1997 ranger with a 2.3 engine. just recently the check engine light came on. i checked the code with my girlfriends dads code reader and it came back P1443. I looked the code up online and it said that the code was "Evaporative Emission Control System Control Valve" it also said that in...
  12. thebigyellowtruck

    Urgent trying to fix at this very moment!!! door jamb switch broken

    I have a 1997 ranger standard cab. I believe the door jamb switch is broken. When i drive down the road the door ajar light stays on and when it decides to turn off it dings like the door is open then the light turns off. i think that this is the door jamb switch. i went and bought a new switch...
  13. thebigyellowtruck

    spare tire mount replacement and possible fabrication

    I have the stock spare tire mount on my 97 ranger. The tire and rim i have i have bounce of the mount and the tire hits my rear end. i know have to replace the seal on it. Has anyone replaced this spare tire mount with a S10 spare tire mount (the cable coil that the tire iron is used to spin) i...
  14. thebigyellowtruck

    How do i make my speedo correct again?

    I switched to a taller tire on my 97 ranger 2wd 4 banger. They were 235/60/r15 now they are 235/75/r15. SInce it is still a factory size is there a simple way that i can recalibrate the speedo so that it is right now? Do i have to buy a recalibrator, or can i go to the dealership and have it...
  15. thebigyellowtruck

    Very squeaky stock suspension

    On my 97 ranger with a 2.3L the truck sqeaks so much. Just getting in the truck it squeaks real bad. Every single bump i hit is sounds like i have a bed full of scrap scratching together. When i got my oil changed they were supposed to grease the truck, I'm not sure if they did. If I grease the...
  16. thebigyellowtruck

    Should I upgrade to a cold air intake?

    I have a 1997 ranger with a 2.3L. I was told that it came from the factory with a cold air intake, is this true? If not do u have any suggestions for a cheap, but good quality cold air intake i could upgrade to? Or where i might be able to find it? thanks for the help.
  17. thebigyellowtruck

    what is best diameter pipe to get the most power out of my 1997 ranger with a 2.3?

    My exhaust is rotting away on my ranger, i am going to have to replace it in a few weeks, i know i can increase the power if i change the exaust pipe size. What is the best size pipe for this application? It is only a 2.3 L so im not sure if i can go past 3, but your input is appreciated. thanks.
  18. thebigyellowtruck

    How do i convert a 1976 f-100 into a stake truck?

    Can someone give me some ideas for making a 1976 f-100 ranger into a stake truck? My buddy bought a 1976 f-100 ranger last year, i already replaced the floors and cab mounts, however the bed is to far gone/rusted for me to fix it. We decided to make it in to a stake truck instead. I know how to...
  19. thebigyellowtruck

    how do you think the head light and tail light covers look on this ranger?

    How do u think the light covers look? Does anybody have experience using these? If so how do they affect night driving? Any thing that you have to say will be helpful to my decision in whether or not to buy them or not. Thanks. (1997 ranger red with topper) smoke colored covers...
  20. thebigyellowtruck

    Is there any way I can adjust my speedometer after getting new tires?

    i had p235 60 r15 tires on my 1997 ranger (automatic trans with a 2.3) now i put on p235 75 r15 tires on it, my speedometer is off, is there a way i can adjust the speedometer myself, or do i have to take it to a shop? thanks.

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