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  1. Acgallen

    302/ZF5 Swapped Ranger Hydraulic Problems

    Hello TRS, hopefully ya'll can save my ass at least one more time. Finally got the engine running with no prevalent problems there yet, but when I wanted to move the newly started truck, I wasn't able to put the truck into gear while running. Turned the engine off and pushed through all the...
  2. Acgallen

    1993 Mustang Harness into 1992 Ranger Harness Help

    So I've finally reached the point where the long block is assembled (for the most part) and now I'm swapping the A9L mustang computer with the matching harness into the ranger. Ive dug around for a while trying to figure out what is necessary to splice. I've found (By Bob) that connector 39 (8...
  3. Acgallen

    Difference between a 1970 5.0 vs 1990 5.0 302

    Little backstory, I'm looking to buy an engine rebuilt kit for my 1989 Bronco 5.0 but cant seem to find a kit that has everything I need. I was looking for a kit that provides hypereutectic pistons, cam, timing, lifters and the gaskets/bearings. I come to find that kit exists but the specs say...
  4. Acgallen

    89 Bronco 5.0 Into 92 4.0 Ranger

    As im sure many people have asked the questions im about to ask but the more and more i search its seems endless lol. I have the need for speed (Blown head gasket & low compression) for say and wanted to challenge myself by swapping the 5.0 into the ranger. I have the whole project layed out and...
  5. Acgallen

    Small Backfire and Low Compression on Middle Cylinders

    I recently did a full head gasket replacement to fix it blowing white smoke out of the exhaust, which worked. Now after putting everything back together ive noticed a few small problems. I bought the truck knowing it ran but i never layed on the gas because of the bad head gasket, so not sure if...
  6. Acgallen

    Kid With Big Aspirations!

    Greetings Ranger Community! My names Andrew and i'm brand new here. I guess i'm fairly young as i'm 19 in college and on track to go into the army(11A), but I've always been into older ford trucks and recently this past week pulled the trigger on a 92 4.0 V6 Custom Ext Cab and I treat it as a...
  7. Acgallen

    Fender Compatibility From 83 to a 92

    I'm fairly new to the Ranger scene as I just bought one. I couldn't seem to find any discussion posts on body parts that would swap from certain years. I have a 92 Extended Custom and I love the 83-88 fender/front, so i'm wondering if the body lines and front/hood would line up the same. I...

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