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  1. nickoroniper

    Using Crankcase Pressure for forced induction!

    Im running 2.3 roller motor, carb(2100), duraspark. Ive used the same set up for 15yrs.(different motors) At somepoint, my pcv valve hose was moved to a spacer under the carb. I recently rebuilt the carb after 10yrs of questionable reliability, having trouble adjusting my timing, idle, mixture...
  2. nickoroniper

    2100 Motorcraft on 2.3

    I have ran the same set up for better than 10 yrs know, 500cfm 2100, rd. port intake, on roller FI head. Runs insane, tore through lots of stock motors. the rollor is by far the best. I have rebuilt the carb 2 times, and time to do it again, The Question I have is, Does any one run the 2100 and...

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