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  1. Seized motor, removing torque convertor

    So i need to take out my motor and I'm thinking of just pulling the engine with the torque convertor connected, would it be hard to retattach the torque convertor to the transmission? and should i support the motor with a crane and completely remove the motor mounts or can i jack the motor over...
  2. From northern Maine

    Hi there, I joined this site to help me complete my motor swap on my 1998 ford ranger XLT rwd 3.0 v6 automatic, I'm only 14 and thats why i need actual advice and going to this site. And no i'm no mommy and daddy fundings for my truck, this is all me, and so far i've been working on my motor...
  3. Stuck bell housing bolt

    me again, that last bolt stuck on my bell housing, is it possible to use the beeswax and or heating method to get the bolt out?
  4. Could use some advice, almost done motor swap!!!

    Alright so i have a project truck that i'm working on, it is a rwd 3.0 v6 ranger 1998 XLT model. All i have left is 1 bolt left on the belt housing on the top and the transmission fluid dipstick is right in my way. I tried unscrewing it like someone said but that didn't work at all. I dont have...
  5. What should i do with my truck

    So i have a 1998 Ford ranger XLT rwd with the 3.0 v6 that im dropping in soon, it has 128,928 miles and I'm wondering if i should convert it to 4wd the cheapest way by buying a parts truck the same year as mine, And would i have to change the frame with it? I'd like to lift it but if it had a...
  6. 1998 Ford Ranger XLT Motor Swap

    I have the 3.0 V6 ranger rwd and i'm wondering if it'd be easier to do the motorswap with or without pulling the tranny too, and also all i have is a small socket set so how could i take the motor mounts off? i tried but should i use a pipe on the handle for more leverage? And also off topic...

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