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  1. toyo4spd holding up to a 4.0?

    hey guys, i was just wondering how well do you think a toyo 4speed will hold up to a 4.0 swap? yes its 4x4. thanks
  2. starter wiring

    hey guys, im not sure where to put this so im sorry if its the wrong spot. but on my 89 bronco 2. how is the starter hooked up? im putting on another starter and theres only one wire going on to it and it isnt turning over? shouldnt there be a ground and a positive? thanks
  3. which leafs for the front of a b2?

    hey guys just curious, which leafs do youj think would be best for the front of a b2 with a d30? i want around 3-4" leafs, belltech shackles, and probably 2" blocks thanks
  4. body lift ?'s and leveling kit(pics helpful)

    hey guys, i know ive been asking a lot of questions here the last couple days but im really getting in to the b2, so next weekend after i do the d35 and 8.8 swap i wanna do a body lift. (its an 89) and when i do so, will i have to notch the floor for the manual tcase? and i have no frront bumper...
  5. d28/7.5 to d35/8,8

    im getting a d35 and 8.8 for my 89 bronco 2, the axles are from a 94(?) explorer. can i use the explorer shaft and just have it shortened up? because i read the flanges arent the same size? and same goes for the front driveshafts? are the flanges the same for hte front and can i use the same...
  6. weird trans crossmember

    hey guys, my 1989 Bronco II with A4LD has the transmission crossmember that is on the inside of the frame on the drivers side and its on the outside on the frame rail on the passenger side?? i was just looking at it the other day incase i wanted to throw on some extended rad arms when i put in...
  7. D35 shafts on D28

    hey guys, im tired of busting those little d28 shafts and u-joints, so would it be possible to shove some d35 shafts and joints in the d28 pig? thanks
  8. what is this part?

    hey id like some help here, where does this part go? http://broncograveyard.com/bronco/i-94087_rear_lower_1_4_panel_patch_panel__passenger_side.htm im looking for a peice that goes on the rear just under the taillight behind the fender if that makes any sense, im hoping this is it? thanks
  9. transmissoin lengths

    hi, I would like to know if there is a difference in lengths of an FM146 and an automatic transmission from an 1988 Bronco II Thank you
  10. Cherokee axles?

    hey, i was wondering what front axle is in a jeep cherokee, and is it worth putting into a ranger? thank you
  11. Calibrate steering wheel - ps3

    Hi guys i recently bought a Logitech G25 racing wheel for my ps3, and all the buttons work and the shifter works but there is no steering, so one of my buddy told me it needs to be calibrated. so how do i do that? it was from an ebay store so i never got any manuals or CDs with it? thank you
  12. Bronco II isnt turning over.

    Hey guys, I am currently trying to get my 1989 Bronco II to work, She worked last week when i drove her across my garden to the garage. and i took off the Solenoid to put on another rig, [this was last week] and i put it back on the BII today and she is getting power but not turning over, the...

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